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Remove Watermark From Photo Online for Free

With Fotor's AI watermark remover, you can remove watermark from photo in seconds.

No photo editing skills are needed. Instantly restore the original beauty of your photos.

Remove watermark from photo easily with Fotor's free online watermark remover
Before and after results of removing a watermark from a photograph of a woman

AI-Powered Automatic Watermark Remover

Fotor's watermark remover makes it simple to remove a watermark from a photo. You don't need any expensive software or image editing skills to do so. Using AI technology, Fotor detects and removes watermarks from your photos, then recreates the background of your photos as if the watermarks never existed. The process does not require any manual effort. Efficiently remove watermarks from JPG and PNG image files.

Remove Watermark From Photo Now
Before and after results of removing multiple watermarks from a photo

Erase Watermarks with High Accuracy And Quality

Fotor's watermark remover provides fast and accurate results. You can be sure that your photos will be preserved in full quality and detail. Furthermore, Fotor lets you remove multiple watermarks at once. Simply brush over all the watermarks, and Fotor will take care of the rest. The results will be flawless and you will save both time and effort.

Remove Watermark From Photo Now
Use Fotor to remove people and text from photos

Remove Any Unwanted Object From Photos With Ease

Fotor's free online watermark remover is not just limited to removing watermarks. With it, you can remove people from photos, remove text, logos, date stamps, trash cans and other distracting items you don’t want in the photo easily. Take advantage of Fotor now to quickly remove unwanted objects from your images and make them look their best!

Remove Watermark From Photo Now

Removing Watermarks From Photos Was Never Easier

Remove Watermark From Photo Now