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Instantly remove watermark from image with our free online watermark remover. Remove logos, stamps, and more to make your images watermark-free.

Photo of hot air balloons over a hilly landscape at dusk with watermarks on it
Clean, watermark-free photo of hot air balloons over a hilly landscape at dusk, edited with Fotor AI free online watermark remover

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One-Click AI Watermark Remover

Gone are the days of manually editing out watermarks from images with complicated software. You can now remove watermarks within a matter of seconds! Just upload your image, and our free watermark remover online will detect the watermark area and remove that part from your image automatically. In no time, you’ll get a clean photo without any watermark, ready to share and print.

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Remove watermark from image without losing quality

Remove Watermark With Accuracy

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, our watermark remover delivers fast and accurate results. It removes watermarks while preserving the quality and detail of the original image. Moreover, Fotor allows you to fine-tune watermark removal results and remove multiple watermarks at once. It has never been easier to cleanup pictures online!

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Remove watermarks easily without using Photoshop or GIMP

Remove Watermarks Easily Without Using Photoshop or GIMP

We know how hard it is for amateurs to use professional tools like Photoshop or GIMP to remove watermarks, and it can cost a fortune too. Don't worry. With Fotor, removing watermarks is easier and free.

It allows you to achieve professional results without needing to be an expert. It's super easy to use—just a few clicks, and the watermarks or any unwanted bits from your photos are gone. Your photos will look clean and just the way you want them.

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Remove watermark from air balloon photo without blurring or losing quality

Remove Watermark From Photo Without Blurring or Losing Quality

Looking to get rid of watermarks without losing the quality of your photo? Fotor's online AI watermark remover lets you do just that, and the cool part is, your photos stay sharp and clear—no blur, no quality loss, just your picture looking its best.

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Erase watermark from JPGJPEGPNG File

Erase Watermark From JPG/JPEG/PNG File

Removing watermarks from JPG, JPEG, and PNG files is easy with Fotor, giving you clean and clear images. Whether it's a logo, text, tattoos, objects, people, or any other type of watermark, Fotor can effortlessly erase these imprints, restoring the original beauty of your images.

Fotor is the best watermark remover for photographers, graphic designers, and anyone who wants their digital images to look better without losing quality.

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Remove watermark from purchased a stock photo

When to Use an Online Watermark Eraser?

1. You own the picture: If it's your image or you've legally purchased a stock photo, Fotor's watermark remover makes it easy to present your image in its cleanest form, free from distracting watermarks.

2. For work or school projects: Clean images without watermarks just look nicer in presentations or reports.

3. Updating your brand: If your logo or company look changes, you might need to remove old watermarks from your images to match the new style.

4. Fixing mistakes: Sometimes, watermarks end up on images by accident. Removing them restores the original look of your image.

5. Privacy concerns: If a watermark has private info, you might want to delete it before sharing the photo.

6. Legal requirements: There might be situations where you're legally required to remove certain markings from images.

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Remove Watermark From Image for All Purposes

Remove logo from picture with Fotor free watermark remover

Remove Logo

Looking to remove logo from picture? Our powerful watermark remover lets you remove logo watermarks from images with ease. This convenient feature offers businesses and creators the opportunity to rebrand their images for a new visual identity.

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Remove photo stamps using Fotor AI watermark remover

Remove Photo Stamp

Are photo stamps stealing the spotlight? Use our free watermark remover to easily remove camera date stamps, time stamps, and location stamps on photos. Your images will instantly appear cleaner without any distractions.

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Remove full screen watermarks using Fotor watermark remover

Remove Full Screen Watermarks

In the past, removing full-page watermarks from digital images takes a lot of time and effort. With our online watermark remover, you can get the work done in a jiffy. Use Fotor to remove multiple watermarks and restore the original look of your pictures. Don't let intrusive watermarks spoil your pictures anymore!

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Remove signature from photo

Remove Signature

Say goodbye to unwanted signatures on your images. Our AI watermark remover handles them too. Seamlessly remove signatures, text, and other unwanted markings from images. Make the most out of Fotor to create clean, pristine visuals for your projects.

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Highlights of Our Free Online Watermark Remover

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Instant Watermark Removal

Automatically remove watermark from photo online without any technical skills.

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HD Quality

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, our watermark remover seamlessly removes watermarks without compromising image quality.

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Watermark Remover App

Use our app to remove watermark from image anywhere and anytime you want. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Diverse Format Support

From JEPG to PNG and beyond. Remove watermarks from various image formats and enjoy the flexibility to work with any photo.

More Than Just Remove Watermark

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