Easiest Way to Remove Glare from Photo

Remove glare from a photo and make your picture more beautiful. Fotor's glare remover allows you to remove sun glare, light glare, flash glare, and glasses glare from photos. Free and easy to use. Try now!

Before and after effect of removing glare from female portrait in fotors online glare remover
Remove glare from female wearing glasses portrait in fotor

Get Good Remove Glare Effect with Fotor

Whether it's glare on the glasses or sunlight or lights in the background, it can ruin a great photo. Quickly remove glare from your photos with Fotor's glare remover. Our tools naturally fix glare in pictures, making photos more natural and attractive. Use it to process low-quality and light phone pictures, capture key moments, enhance best spots and hide imperfections.

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Fix Different Glare in the Photo

Remove sun glare from male on a swing image

Remove Sun/Light Glare from Photo

When shooting portraits or landscapes, harsh lights and sunlight can cause unsightly glare and ruin the overall look of the picture. Therefore, it is very important to use Fotor's tool to reduce glare in photos. This not only restores the original look of the photo but also makes the photo more beautiful.

Remove flash glare from female portrait

Remove Flash Glare from Photo

When shooting in a dark environment, the camera will automatically turn on the flash to fill in the light. But this can result in blurred subjects or halos on people's faces and foreheads. A simple and easy-to-use Fotor's glare removal tool can solve these problems. Removes oily sheen and sun reflections, and removes flashlights from surfaces near portraits to eliminate excess light.

Remove glasses glare from female selfie

Remove Glasses Glare from Photo

Glare and reflections are common problems in photos with glasses. When we look at a photo, what's on our glasses is what immediately catches our eye. Not only does this distract us, but it also makes it difficult to see the eyes of the people in the photo. Use Fotor's glare remover to quickly remove halos and reflections from your glasses. Let everyone see the eyes of the person at once.

Use fotors glare remover to get rid of glare of a female portrait

How to Remove Glare from Photo?

  • Click the "Remove Glare from Your Photo Now" button on this page to turn to our editing page.
  • Upload your picture which wants to remove the light beam from the photo by clicking "Open Image".
  • Click "Beauty" and select the "Clone" tool.
  • Drag the brush to remove the glare from your picture.
  • You can adjust the brush size and intensity by sliding the slider.
  • Save your final image when you're finished. There are PNG and JPG formats for you to choose from.
Remove Glare from Your Photo Now

Remove Glare from Photo FAQs

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