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Remove object from photo online in seconds with our free AI object remover. Automatically remove people, text, date stamps, and any other unwanted things to create professional images in a snap.

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Street photo edited with Fotor object remover to remove an unwanted person

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Before and after using the Fotor free AI object remover to remove people from photo

Automatically Remove Object from Photo in Seconds 

Spending hours manually removing object from photo in Photoshop can be time-consuming. Our AI object remover makes this process much easier. Just brush over the unwanted objects, and Fotor will automatically erase them from the photo. You don't need any photo editing skills. Within just a few seconds, you’ll get a clean and flawless photo ready to share.

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High quality AI object removal without losing quality

High-Quality AI Object Removal

Our AI object remover from photo tool delivers fast and accurate results. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Fotor will analyze the textures and patterns surrounding the objects you want to remove, and then recreate the removed area seamlessly using image inpainting techniques. Also, your image will maintain the original clarity and quality after the object removal process. Get flawless results with minimal effort!

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Photo of a desk with a laptop coffee pencils and sticky notes edited with Fotor object mover to remove unwanted objects and replace them with a black pen

Remove Unwanted Object & Replace With Anything

What sets our object remover apart from other tools is its ability to not only remove unwanted objects from photo and video, but also replace them whatever you desire. Simply mark the object you wish to remove and enter a short text prompt describing what you would like to replace it with. Our object remover will generate a realistic and precise AI image replacement automatically. Try out Fotor today and experience the next level of photo editing for yourself.

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Explore the Power of Our AI Photo Eraser

A seaside photo that has been edited with Fotor object remover to remove a photobomber

Remove People

Never let unwanted photobombers ruin your photos again. Our photo eraser tool makes it quick and easy to remove people from photos. Whether it's a random passerby or a crowd of tourists, we can handle it all. Effortlessly remove any undesired people to create the perfect shot.

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Before and after removing blemishes and skin defects from a female portrait photo using Fotor photo eraser

Remove Skin Imperfections

Remove blemishes, pimples, wrinkles, scars, and any other skin defects in simple clicks. Plus, with a suite of portrait editing tools, you can fix red eyes, whiten teeth, and even apply digital makeup to elevate your portraits to new heights.

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Before and after using Fotor photo object remover to remove watermark from image

Remove Text & Watermark From Image

Besides removing objects from images, our AI object remover is highly effective at removing text as well. Using it, you can remove watermarks, date stamps, captions, logos, and even stickers from images without altering the original background. Easily restore the original appearance of your image without any distractions.

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Before and after removing background clutter from a product image

Retouch Product Images

Easily remove distracting elements and add a white background to create a clean and focused look for your product images. Save time editing product images for your online store or social media platforms, and create stunning visuals that attract attention and drive sales.

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Before and after removing scratches from a old photo

Repair Old Photos

Don't let time fade your memories. Use our object remover to quickly remove scratches, tears, spots, and stains from your treasured old photos to bring them to their former glory. In addition to removing objects from photos, Fotor lets you colorize old photos with a single click. Experience the power of AI and witness how effortlessly you can restore photos online.

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Before and after removing unwanted objects from a home interior photoshoot

Clean Up Real Estate Imagery

Remove unwanted objects, furniture, trashcans, power lines, or plants to clean up your property photos for real estate marketing. Showcase your properties in the best light to capture attention and attract potential buyers and renters.

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Before and after removing car plate number using Fotor object remover

Remove Confidential Details

Before sharing photos publicly, use our object remover to erase any sensitive details like street signs and license plates. Censor images and protect privacy.

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How to Remove Object From Photo?

  • It's a breeze to remove unwanted objects from photos using Fotor's AI object remover. Firstly, upload the picture you want to edit into Fotor.
  • Use the brush tool to paint over the object you want to remove, and Fotor will automatically analyze and erase the selected object from your photo within seconds.
  • You can further edit your image as needed or click the “Download” button to export your new image in high resolution. It's that easy!
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Why Choose Fotor to Erase Object From Photo?

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AI Technology

Instantly erase unwanted objects from photos with cutting-edge AI technology. No manual editing or technical skills are needed at all.

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HD Quality

Our object remover ensures accurate and seamless object removal. Clean up a picture with ease.

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Mobile Friendly

Edit on the go with our free app for iOS and Android. Remove unwanted objects from photos anytime, anywhere.

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