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Remove unwanted objects fast, safe and free. Fotor's online video objects remover helps you quickly erase people, emoji, text, logos, and moving elements from videos without losing quality.

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How to Remove Objects from Videos Online

Upload Your Video
Step 1: Upload Your Video
Click the "Upload" button and select the file from your device to Fotor's video objects remover. We support video file formats like MP4 and MOV.
Choose the Object to Remove
Step 2: Paint Over the Objects to Remove
Use the "Brush tool" to paint over the objects you want to remove. Then, click the "remove" button, and we will automatically remove anything from the video.
Download and Save
Step 3: Download and Save
After removing the object from your video, download it in MP4 format and save it for any purpose.

Remove Anything from Video in Seconds

Our AI video object remover can remove anything from a video, like logos, watermarks, backgrounds, emojis, moving elements, and more. Whether you need to clean up your video for business purposes or individual use, our free video object eraser is perfect for anyone who doesn't have any editing experience.
Remove Logo from Video
Remove Text from Video
Remove Watermark from Video
Remove BG  from Video
Remove Emoji from Video
Remove Video Blur
Remove Unwanted Objects Quickly
Remove People from Videos for Free
Erase Objects from Videos with AI Technology
Remove Anything from Videos on Any Device
No More Reshooting Videos from Scratch
Enhance Your Video Quality Using Professional Editing Tools

Why Choose Fotor's Online Video Object Remover?

Fast and Instant Removal
Fast and Instant Removal
Fotor's AI video removal tool guarantees to remove objects from videos faster, easier, and better than any other tools in market.
Free and Easy to Use
Free and Easy to Use
With our user-friendly interface, removing anything from a video is easy. With just one click, you can remove distractions within seconds, and it's completely free.
AI-Powered Object Removal from Videos
AI-powered Remover
Our AI-powered removal tool makes removing objects from videos faster than ever before. Cleaning up your videos is a breeze with our technology.
Secure and Safe Removal
Secure and Safe Removal
Fotor ensures secure removal of objects from videos by using SSL encryption, ensuring your video files are safe and protected. Your edited videos are be deleted after 24 houres.
 High-Quality Results
High-Quality Results
We provide results without compromising the original video quality. There won't be any loss of quality during the removal process, ensuring your videos look their best.
Remove Anything from Videos
Remove Anything
In Fotor, you can remove various elements such as logos, text, people, camera timestamps, and any other obstacles from videos instantly.
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