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Try Fotor’s online video enhancer to instantly improve video quality, including settings for sharpness, brightness and so on to make videos clearer. No skills and installation required.

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Maximum upload limit for video file: 4K, 60s, 60FPS, 500M

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a city night view with river and mountain
six people sitting on the beach and one girl is holding a guitar

How to Increase Video Quality

Check out the following steps and learn about how to increase video quality with Fotor.
drag and drop a blonde-hair girl video to fotor video enhancer
1Upload the Video
Upload the video from your gallery. MP4, MOV and WebM formats are supported.
enhance the girl video automatically with AI
2Automatic Video Enhancement
Our video quality enhancer will perform the AI video enhancement automatically.
download the clear video with high quality in mp4
3Download and Share
After processing, preview and download your clear video to share on platforms like YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.
make a clip of blurry young girl high quality and fix the details with AI vidoe enhancer
Comparison image of cleaned video and blurred video showing a man standing in the Gobi with a lamp.
Comparison of normal and desaturated saturation with a pink flower in the picture
Comparison of a dark and noisy city night scene and a well-lit night scene

Meet Every Video Enhancement Need

Fotor's video enhancer can meet various video enhancement needs. Whether it's for personal use or for commercial marketing, Fotor has got you covered!
Process a low-quality childhood video into a high-quality video featuring a father and son
A HD video of an underwater dive with instagram YouTube and TikTok icons attached
Convert a black-and-white movie clip into a color and high-definition video showing a woman's back
Convert a low-quality perfume promotional video to HD quality

Why Choose Fotor’s Video Enhancer

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Streamlined and user-friendly, Fotor's video enhancer allows for quick and efficient video enhancement with AI. With a single click, instantly make your video higher definition.
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Enhance video quality no matter what file format it has because Fotor works with popular formats such as MP4, MOV and WebM.
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You can use our video enhancer not only online but also on your mobile. Enhance your video quality anytime, anywhere!
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No Software Installation
You don't need to download and install the video enhancer to your device. Fotor offers an online video enhancement service.
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