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Remove text from video in a single magic click with Fotor video watermark remover.

Remove text, watermark, subtitles, captions, or anything unwanted for clear and high-quality video creation.

Remove text from a woman introducing channel video with fotor video text remover

Remove Text From Video With AI Magic

Whether it's for a crisp video without distractions or a watermark-free video for sharing and downloading, a text removal tool is essential. Fotor offers just that - easily eliminate unwanted text from your videos.

Our AI technology simplifies the process: simply upload your video, employ the brush tool to highlight the text, and let Fotor work its magic. In mere seconds, you'll have a video bereft of text, preserving all its original clarity and details.

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Remove text from a woman model video with fotor video text remover

Delete Video Text at Original Quality

Most online watermark removers compromise the video quality when removing its text. But here in Fotor, just let this concern go with the wind. Our advanced AI algorithm meticulously preserves the original video quality while erasing text elements. This ensures that every pixel of your video retains its sharpness and vibrancy, as if the text was never there to begin with.

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Remove watermark from a snow mountain landscape video

Remove Watermarks, Captions, or Anything Unwanted

Fotor goes beyond removing simple text, it can deal with all forms of visual interference in videos. Whether it's a stubborn watermark that blocks the focus of the video, or subtitles and timestamps that affect the look and feel of the video, or even the logo mark in the video that needs to be removed for legal use, Fotor can handle it easily. Try now to experience our hassle-free video watermark remover.

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Remove background object and person from video on fotor

Multi-Functional Video Content Remover Tool

In addition to removing text from video, Fotor also provides an array of related features. You can effortlessly remove video backgrounds for new backdrops swap, enhance visual appeal by eliminating unwanted objects, or create unobstructed landscape videos through person removal. Just access the Fotor remover tool to eliminate any photobombers from your video.

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How to Remove Text From Video?

  • Tap the "Remove Text Now" button to drag, drop, or upload your video to our video text remover. It supports MP4 and MOV formats.
  • After successfully uploading the video, use the brush tool to mark the text area. Adjust the brush size for seamless text removal.
  • After selecting the text area, tap the "Remove" button to start deleting text from video. Once it's done, export the text-free video in 4k resolution.
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Unlock the Versatile Use Cases of Text-Free Videos

Social MediaAdvertisingProduct Display
Remove captions from a youtube video with fotor video text remover

Video Editing for Content Creators

Video bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers can use video text remover tools to edit videos online easily. If they have previously added captions, watermarks, or timestamps that they later want to remove or replace, this tool enables them to do so, giving their videos a professional and updated look.

Remove text from a skincare product video with fotor video text remover

Reusing Footage for Advertising

Marketers often repurpose video ads for different platforms or campaigns where the original text may no longer be relevant. A video text remover allows them to easily update the product messaging without having to reshoot the entire video.

Remove text from a girl white shirt with fotor video text remover

Text Removal for Clear Product Display

When showcasing products in videos, unwanted text such as promotional stickers, price tags, or model information can detract from the product's appeal. With precise text elimination, products are presented in their purest form, allowing customers to focus solely on design details and textures. This results in cleaner, more appealing visuals that can boost conversion rates and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Why Choose Us?

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Easy to Use

No professional expertise or extra complicated steps needed, it's easy to remove text from video on Fotor.

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High Efficient

Fotor AI can handle your video and remove the existing text in just a few seconds. And it ensures a realistic and natural output result.

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No Watermark

After eliminating the text, you can download the text-free video without watermarks for sharing.

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Security & Privacy

All the file you upload is encrypted and saved on the server. And Fotor focuses on privacy, your uploaded videos will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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No installation required, you can utilize Fotor's video text remover online on any browser.

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Constantly Updated Features

Fotor will constantly optimize our service and put forward new products every month and quarter.


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