AI Video Editor Online

Edit your video into stunning and scroll-stopping content without any manual hassle with Fotor’s AI video editor. Simplify your video editing process by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence right now!

Edit female video in fotors online ai video editor
Generate cosmo video from text prompts using fotor ai video generator

Experience AI Video Generator Magic

Generate a one-of-a-kind video from your text prompts and bring your ideas alive with Fotor’s AI video generator. Watch your descriptions turn into captivating video content in seconds. Plus, Fotor allows you to convert image to video and give it a dynamic look.

Generate Video with AI
Remove background from female video with fotor ai video background remover

Remove and Change Video Background with AI

Ease yourself from the cluttered or messy video background. Powered by an AI algorithm, Fotor performs one-click video background removal for all levels. Say goodbye to the complicated software, our AI video background remover can instantly help you get rid of unwanted background. And you can replace the transparent background with a stunning image to elevate your video presence!

Remove Video BG with AI
Enhance female video quality with ai in fotor

Easiest Video Enhancement Tool at Your Fingertips

Enliven your underexposed or overexposed video with our AI-driven video enhancer. Upload your video clip, and witness the amazing perfection of your video: automatically balance the brightness, adjust the contrast, correct the video color, and enhance the overall look of your video.

Enhance Video with AI
Add ai voiceover to female video using fotors text to speech tool

AI Text-to-Speech to Create Engaging Content

Add AI voiceover to your video and make your video engaging with Fotor’s text-to-speech tool. Enter your script text for your video, and let our AI tool do the rest for you. A wide variety of preset voice solutions are available, and you can preview your AI-generated voiceovers until you find what’s best for your video content.

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Generate auto captions for female video in fotors ai auto subtitle generator

Embrace Auto-Caption to Speed up Workflow

Create video content with the right captions and subtitles to help your audience comprehend everything you are conveying, especially for business and educational purposes. With Fotor’s AI auto subtitle generator, effortlessly add a caption to your video with one single click. Edit or correct your subtitles too, if there’s a special alpha character combination. Instead of typing for every frame, experience the “auto-captions” fun in no time!

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Add the voiceover for female video in fotors ai video editor

How to Use Fotor’s AI Video Editor?

  • Click the “Start AI Video Editing” button to switch to our online AI-driven video editor.
  • Upload your video file to our tool, and begin to enhance it with our preset AI video editing tools.
  • For example, you can add voiceover to your video by using our text-to-speech tool; automatically generate subtitles with the auto-captions tool; and elevate your clip as needed with the help of AI.
  • Once satisfied, export to share or apply your video as needed.
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