AI Image to Video Generator: Turn Photos Into Video Online

Create a video with pictures with Fotor AI image to video converter. No video editing expertise required – transform your picture into an engaging video with tons of preset styles.

Fotor AI image to video generator

What is an AI image to Video Generator?

The Fotor AI image to video generator, also known as a photo to video maker, is a tool powered by artificial intelligence to transform static images into dynamic video content.

It analyzes images, predicts motion, and applies transitions to generate video from the images it gets.

Fotor makes it easier for everyone without video editing skills to create professional-looking video content with images.

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What Can AI Image to Video Generator Do for You?

Transform your static images into captivating video content

Create Video From Photos for Free

Bring your images to life like never before! To produce high-quality videos with Fotor's video converter, designed to transform your static images into captivating video content, whether for personal projects, social media, marketing, or educational purposes, you don't the need for complex video making software or any professional video editing skills. It's free, fast and easy.

Make video with birthday pictures automatically

Make Video with Pictures Automatically

Let's make some magic happen with our AI image-to-video generator! Now, all you need to do is toss your photos in and click the"Generate" button, you've got a 4s video in no time. No need to mess around with tricky editing software or anything. It's all automatic.

Turn couple photos into dynamic collage

Turn Photos Into Dynamic Collage and Slideshow

Instead of transitioning from one photo to another, photos could be animated to move within a collage framework. Transform your still photos into an engaging collage and slideshow effortlessly with our tool, it brings your memories to life, combining them into a dynamic display of motion, perfect for sharing your presentations in a captivating way.

Convert car images to motion without watermark

Convert Images to Video Without Watermark

Download the high-quality MP4 video without any brand marks or distractions. What Fotor offers are clean visuals; our mission is to make your video content stand out, allowing your creativity to flow in every shot. No blurred or unclear videos will occur with our image-to-video generator.

Generate Compelling Video Content for Any Occasion 

FashionRecipeTravelFitnessPetMemory Lane
Convert fashion photoshoots into dynamic video lookbooks

Fashion and Style Lookbooks

Convert fashion photoshoots into dynamic video lookbooks. Make your every picture come to life and memorable

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Turn photos of ingredients cooking videos

Recipe and Cooking Guides

Turn photos of ingredients and finished dishes into step-by-step cooking videos, complete with ingredient lists and cooking instructions.

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Generate travel diary videos from vacation photos

Travel Journals and Diaries

Automatically generate travel diary videos from vacation photos, mapping out locations visited with geotagging and adding travel tips or facts.

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Make dynamic recap videos of your fitness pictures

Fitness Challenge Recaps

Make dynamic recap videos of fitness challenges, using participants' submission photos or videos, highlighting transformations, key milestones, and motivational quotes.

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Generate adorable timelines or growth videos from pet photos

Pet and Animal Timelines

Generate adorable timelines or growth videos from pet photos, documenting milestones or funny moments with cute animations and effects.

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Create nostalgic videos from old photos

Memory Lane Features

Create nostalgic videos from old photos, using AI to enhance picture quality, colorize black and white photos, and narrate historical or personal significance.

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Why Choose Fotor AI Image to Video Generator?

AI Powered Technology

AI-Powered Technology

Fotor analyzes your photos and automatically converts them into engaging videos.

High Quality Outputs

High-Quality Videos

Fotor ensures that the transition from images to video mAIntAIns high resolution and visual clarity.

No Signup Required

No Signup Required

Fotor allows users to start creating videos immediately without the need to sign up or log in.


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Is it possible to create a video with pictures using my phone?

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Is my data safe with Fotor?