AI Landscape Generator

Easy to make AI landscapes with the AI landscape generator of Fotor. Ask AI to draw and get online landscape pictures in seconds.

two ai landscapes made by ai landscape generator in fotor
Make ai landscape from text with ai landscape generator

Make Realistic Natural Landscapes from Text

Imagine being able to describe a landscape in words and have it transformed into a realistic visual representation. AI landscape generator in Fotor have made this possible. By inputting textual descriptions or keywords, our landscape creator can analyze the provided information and generate stunning landscapes based on the given text.

Make AI Landscapes
Two game landscapes made by ai landscape generator

Create Virtual Landscapes for Games and Films

In the realm of video games and film production, creating immersive and visually striking environments is crucial. AI landscape generator of Fotor could be an indispensable tool for game developers and filmmakers in crafting scenery background of virtual worlds. You can control the terrains, ecosystems, and atmospheric effects with our game assets generator. By utilizing AI-generated landscapes, developers and filmmakers can focus their efforts on other essential aspects, such as storytelling, character development, and gameplay mechanics.

Make AI Landscapes
Two landscape designs of yard made by ai landscape generator

Easily Make Your Own Stunning Landscape Designs

Still bothered by the design of your home patio? Don’t worry. The AI landscape generator of Fotor is accessible for you, which can help you solve this problem well. With its 2D and 3D design editors, you have new technology at your fingertips to create stunning landscape designs.

Simply let our landscape creator know what you're looking to have in your front or backyard, and it will create easy landscape painting for you. You can generate hundreds of design ideas by simply tweaking what you want.

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Two ai landscapes of urban planning made by ai landscape generator

Achieve Architectural Visualization

AI landscape generator in Fotor is also a valuable tool for architects and urban planners. It facilitates the visualization of proposed buildings and urban spaces within their natural or urban surroundings. By integrating AI-generated landscapes into architectural designs, professionals can evaluate how structures harmonize with their environment, optimize space usage, and analyze the potential impact on surrounding landscapes. This assists in making informed decisions during the planning and design phases.

Make AI Landscapes
Create ai landscapes with ai landscape generator of fotor

How to Create AI Landscapes?

  • Click the “Make AI Landscapes” button and enter the AI Image Generator to get started.
  • Type your descriptions of the AI drawing of landscape you want in the text bubble. Remember to add as much detail as you want the AI image to emulate.
  • Click the button "Generate", and select your preferred style and adjust other details, including ratios, details, and light effects.
  • Finally, click the download icon to save your own AI-generated landscapes.
Make AI Landscapes