AI Photo Trend: What is Taking Over Social Media & How to Join in?

Summary: This is a post that shares the AI photo trends that going viral on Instagram and other social media platforms, and discuss how to join in these AI trends such as AI yearbook trend, AI selfie, and AI Avatar to level up your online presence.

a collage of ai photos

Ready to take your Instagram post and photo game to the next level with something going viral? Since the rising of the AI in photography fields, AI photo trend is taking over the social media platforms, from Instagram to TikTok.

These AI trends inspire Instagram streamers to create stunning AI selfies and portraits that are sure to make fans stop scrolling, double-tap, and even comment.

In this blog, we will take a deep thought on what AI photo trend is going viral on Isocial media, and share how to do the AI trend on Instagram and TikTok to help catch the trend, which makes you easily get more likes, comments, and fans. Let’s dive in!

What is the AI Photo Trend? AI Art Is Going Viral on Instagram!

AI photo trends have taken Instagram by storm, as almost AI picture trend catcher takes advantage of the AI to transform their thoughts or ordinary photos into the eye-catching art—generally called AI art.

Yet, there are extraordinary AI art generators to help, such as Midjourney, Dall-e and other powerful AI painting generators. But, let’s see what Instagram streamers are creating with these tools.

Hottest: AI Yearbook Photo Trend

epik's newly released ai yearbook feature

Epik's AI yearbook pictures has hit the social media platform like a storm, and many people do the AI 90's yearbook trend challenge on Instagram and TikTok.

AI yearbook pictures take you back to the mesmerzing 1990s. You can just turn your own selfies into the vintage posters and pictures with the old-fashion flair. You can tranform you into the 90's nurse, baseball player, student, scientist, and much more characters.

Young people take advantage of AI yearbook generator to create their own memories of 90s, while others recall their precious moment of 90s with the AI generated yearbook pictures. 

AI Selfies

Among the AI picture trends, AI selfies are really popular on IG, and they are those AI-generated selfies with creativity and imagination.

Usually, you can find various styles among the most-liked Instagram post with AI selfies, including cartoon, anime, Disney, and of course Barbie in recent days. People just enter prompts into the AI selfie generator, choose the AI photo style they need, and they can get the AI generated portraits or selfies as expected or something creative.

Now, let’s take a look at some amazing AI selfies that really catches eye balls here!

female ai selfie in the anime style
girl ai anime selfie

AI Avatars

Besides selfies and portraits, AI avatar has become one of the popular AI photo trends, as they can draw viewers’ attention on the list.

In the viral AI avatar trend on social media platform, streamers revolutionize the way that you find your desired unique avatars. There AI generated avatars are one-of-a-kind, and it are something really different from those everybody noticed a decade ago.

People won’t be limited by setting their own images as avatars for Instagram, and they can really “invent” avatars easily and quickly with the help of AI avatar generators as they like. Also, there are various AI generated avatars available on Instagram, including cartoon avatar, anime avatar, 3D avatar, and much more.

creative ai avatar of a man with curly short hair in the cartoon style
male ai avatar in the anime style

AI Headshot

Sharing the AI-generated headshots is going viral on Instagram, because AI has really changed the way to get your own headshots. Instead of going for the studio and paying for expensive headshot photos, you can effortlessly turn your casual selfies into the professional headshots and business headshots with a few clicks.

Instagram streamers share how they make their own satisfied headshots with the help of AI headshot generator on Instagram story, and they may post the final headshots they like.

And let’s check something AI-generated headshots that are hyper-realistic and win over likes on IG platform.

How to Make Your Own AI Art with AI Photo App?

To level up your Instagram presence and catch the AI photo trend on Instagram, you can join in the AI trend. With a few easy clicks or taps, you create your own AI-generated images, selfies, portraits, avatars, and headshots.

Joining in on these AI photo trends is easier than ever. All you need is an AI photo app installed on your smartphone or tablet. And here we share two AI photo trend apps for you!

Fotor: Best AI Art App

Fotor barbie tool

Easily catch AI photo trend with Fotor.

AI image generator, AI art generator, AI selfie generator, AI avatar generator, AI headshot generator, and more AI tools are available.

Create AI Photos for Free

As one of best AI art generators, Fotor allows you to use its AI photo trend app to make your own AI picture trend effortlessly with the help of its cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

fotor ai app page

There are two ways for you to create your own AI selfies in Fotor app. You can simply type the prompts for the wanted the AI-generated images, and choose the image style you want, and Fotor’s AI will process and output the AI generated portraits and selfies as needed.

Another way to make your own AI photo using Fotor is to upload your images, and choose the wanted style, and the AI filter will automatically turn your casual images into the extraordinary AI art with ease!

Of course, generating AI headshots is a piece of cake in Fotor. You can upload your images to its inbuilt AI headshot generator, and its headshot filter will utilize advanced facial recognition technology to analyze your features and output the most amazing headshots for you.

Key Features of Fotor’s AI Photo Trend App:

1. Two AI picture generation mode: text-to-image and image-to-image.

2. Various styles to choose from.

3. AI headshot generation supported.

4. AI photo editor available with a variety of AI-powered editing features such as one-click background remover, photo enhancer, old photo restoration and a whole lot more.

Epik: AI Yearbook App

epik app interface

Epik offers you an easy access to the AI generated 90s yearbook picture to recall your precious memories. You just need to upload your own selfies to the AI yearbook maker in the app, and Epik's AI will face morph and generate your own AI yearbook pictures based on your facial features.

With such an enchanting AI generated vintage 90s yearbook picture, you can join the trending #AI yearbook challenge on TikTok or use as your own vintage or retro profile picture! 

Key Features of Epik:

1. Powerful AI photo editor with a set of tools. 

2. Creative AI filters available.

3. Magical AI yearbook feature -- newly released! 

Lensa AI: AI Picture App

lensa ai app page

Whether you want to smooth out imperfections, highlight your best angles, or experiment with artistic transformations, Lensa AI photo app has got you covered. You can do exactly what you expect, including AI portraits, AI faces, and AI selfies.

You can just create your own AI art from text or images. You can Simply choose an AI filter or effect from the app's library, snap your photo, and let the Lensa AI work its magic.

Key Features of Lensa AI:

1. AI avatar generation works well.

2. Multiple AI styles available.


In conclusion, the rise of AI photo trends on Instagram has revolutionized the way we capture and share our moments. With the emergence of AI-powered photo apps, such as those offering AI selfies, portraits, and filters, anyone can now effortlessly enhance their photography skills and join in on these exciting trends. And you can catch the AI trend by using the AI photo trend app to make your own AI art and create your visually captivating content that resonates with your audience and fans! Hope you find this blog helpful!