Online Free AI Selfie Generator

Use our online free AI selfie generator to effortlessly create stunning and realistic AI selfies in seconds.

By simply providing a description or an image, you can watch your artistic vision come to life in the form of a personalized, high-quality AI generated selfie image.

AI generated images of a boy and a girl
Create an anime selfie from a girl portrait in Fotor AI selfie generator

Generate an AI Anime Selfie from Your Own Image

Generate an AI anime character effortlessly from your own image with the AI selfie generator. Simply upload your image, let the AI work its magic, and in no time you'll have a customized, high-quality anime selfie to share with friends, use on social media, or even as a creative profile picture. Experience the fun and amazement of seeing yourself reimagined as an anime character with our AI selfie generator today.

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Generate a girl face image from text with Fotor AI image generator

Create AI Selfies from Text Prompts

With our cutting-edge AI selfie generator, you can effortlessly generate AI selfies from text prompts. Simply describe your desired selfie appearance, and watch as the AI tool transforms your input into a visually striking, and high-resolution ai generated portrait.

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Four different styles of AI portraits

Rich AI Selfie Styles to Choose From

The AI selfie generator presents a rich array of styles, including photography, Japanese anime, 3D, illustration, and oil painting, among others. With such a broad selection, it's easy to create a selfie that aligns with your personal tastes or serves your professional needs. Whether it's the intricate detail of oil painting or the vibrant aesthetics of anime, crafting unique digital art has never been easier. Explore the art of selfie creation with our versatile AI image generator.

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Apply an AI created selfie image to Instagram as a pfp

Generate an AI Selfie for Social Media

Creating the perfect AI selfie for your social media platforms has never been simpler with the AI selfie generator. Whether you're an aficionado of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter devotee, or TikTok, this tool lets you generate unique, captivating selfies in a multitude of styles, and enhance your online persona but also stand out in a crowd of standard selfies. Create your own digital masterpiece and let your profile shine.

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Generate a beautiful woman portrait from text with Fotor AI image generator

How to Make an AI Selfie?

  • Firstly, click the button “Generate a Sefile” to get started.
  • Type the detailed description of the selfie image you want in the text bubble.
  • Adjust the style of the AI generated selfie on the left menu bar.
  • Click the button "Generate", wait for the AI selfie generator to output the image.
  • When you are satisfied with your AI selfie image, click "Download" to save it in a high-quality format.
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