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Create stunning AI portraits in seconds for free with Fotor's AI portrait generator.

Choose from a variety of image styles to create AI portraits that truly represent you.

Make AI portraits in various different styles instatnly with Fotor free online AI portrait generator
Generate a realistic female AI portrait with Fotor AI portrait generator from text

Generate Custom AI Portraits From Text

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Fotor’s free online AI portrait generator from text lets you create realistic AI portraits from scratch in just seconds. You only need to provide Fotor with a few simple text prompts, such as gender, age, skin tone, hairstyle, or clothing, and Fotor will generate high-quality, professional AI portraits for you automatically. Start creating your very own custom AI portrait online with Fotor now!

Make an AI Portrait
Turn a selfie into AI portraits in different styles instantly with Fotor AI portrait generator

Transform Your Selfies into Stunning AI Portraits

Bored with the usual selfies? Want to see yourself in a whole new light? Fotor’s AI portrait generator has got you covered! Just upload a selfie, and Fotor will generate multiple mind-blowing AI versions of you, from anime characters to Disney Pixar-style cartoons to video game avatars and beyond. The possibilities are infinite! Try Fotor out to generate AI selfies for yourself and see how you would look in the ACG world!

Make an AI Portrait
Various AI portraits generated by Fotor

Generate AI Portraits in Various Styles

With Fotor's AI portrait generator, you can easily create cool AI portraits in a variety of different scenes and styles- photorealism, fantasy, 3D, portrait illustration, oil painting, anime art, cyberpunk, black and white, and tons more! Select a preferred image style to get started right away! You’re sure to create an AI portrait that truly reflects your style and personality.

Make an AI Portrait
Generate an AI self portrait with Fotor AI portrait generator and use it as AI avatar for social media

Get Your AI-Self Portrait to Stand Out on Social Media

Use Fotor AI image generator to create your AI-generated portraits, you can freely use them on your favorite social media platforms- Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, and more. Say goodbye to ordinary profile pictures. Create unique and eye-catching AI self-portrait pictures and AI avatars with our powerful AI portrait generator to spice up your social media profiles.

Make an AI Portrait
Fotor AI portrait generator interface

How to Make an AI Portrait?

  • With Fotor's AI portrait generator, you can easily create a custom AI portrait. You just need to type text prompts to describe the AI portrait you want. Then click the "Generate" button, and Fotor will automatically generate AI portraits for you in seconds.
  • Alternatively, you can upload your photo to let AI create portraits based on it.
  • There are numerous portrait generation styles to choose from, such as photography, cartoon, anime, illustration, 3D, and more. Pick the one you like best.
  • After you have generated the AI portrait you want, click the "Download" button on the right corner to save it in high-quality formats. It’s that easy!
Make an AI Portrait

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