AI Fantasy Character Creator

Easy to make a fantasy character online with the powerful fantasy character creator of Fotor. Ask AI to draw and get online fantasy character designs in seconds.

Two ai generated fantasy characters
Generate a fairy tale with elf ears from text in fotor character generator

Random Fantasy Character Creator from Text

Backed up by an advanced character model, fantasy character maker of Fotor will output the best fantasy characters based on the design idea descriptions you entered in the text bubble.

Enter a text prompt to describe the fantasy character you have in mind, such as its appearance, backstory, and abilities or any other relevant details, our text to image tool will analyze and process to make your character automatically and quickly. Click the button to use the online fantasy character generator now!

Make Fantasy Characters
Three ai generated fantasy characters including witches and Melficent

Create Unique Fantasy Characters for Games & Movies

If you're a game developer, filmmaker, or animator, our fantasy character creator can be a great way to create unique characters for your projects. It allows you to design full body fantasy characters that fit perfectly into your game or movie, giving them the appearance, abilities, and backstory that you need to bring your project to life.

You can make create unique and customized tabletop and online role-playing games characters such as Dungeons & Dragons characters, World of Warcraft, or Final Fantasy characters with our character generator.

Make Fantasy Characters
Ai generated Harry Potter and character in dnd

Quick Fantasy Character Maker for Fan Fiction

Fan fiction writers can also benefit from using the fantasy character maker in Fotor. You are allowed to quickly create unique characters that fit into your favorite fictional universes, such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Lord of the Rings. With a few clicks, you can design a character that fits perfectly into your story, giving it a unique and memorable feel.

In addition, you can also create your own fantasy avatars in the avatar generator of Fotor. Come and Check it!

Make Fantasy Characters
Generate fantasy characters in Fotor

How to Create Fantasy Characters with AI?

  • Click the “Make Fantasy Characters” button and enter the AI Image Generator to get started.
  • Type your descriptions of the fantasy character you want in the text bubble. Remember to add as much detail as you want the AI image to emulate.
  • Click the button "Generate", and select your preferred style and adjust other details, including ratios, details, and light effects.
  • Finally, click the download icon to save your own AI-generated fantasy characters.
Make Fantasy Characters

FAQs About Fantasy Character Creator