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Easy to make a character like never before in Fotor character generator. Ask AI to draw and get online character designs in seconds

Three ai generated characters in realistic disney and cyberpunk style from fotor character generator
Generate a fairy tale with elf ears from text in fotor character generator

Quick Character Creator from Text

Backed up by an advanced character model, our character generator creates a character you desired from entered descriptions. With your input character drawing ideas, our text to image tool will analyze and process to make your character automatically and quickly. Still, Fotor online character creator allows you to have multiple character creations at one time by sliding the number bar. Click the button to use the online AI character maker now!

Make Characters with AI
Generate fantasy characters in fotor random character generator

Random Character Generator

Fotor character generator outputs random characters, which means you can enjoy the endless options of AI-generated characters. Click the “Random” mode in our random character maker, and our AI will show you different results based on your character design ideas. More than just a random person generator, our character randomizer supports realistic characters, fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, and fictional characters.

Make Characters with AI

Popular Character Design Styles Are All Here

Generate three cartoon female characters in Fotor cartoon character generator online

Cartoon Character Generator

Fotor character generator allows you to create cute cartoon characters with AI. No matter how many cartoon character ideas you have, our free cartoon character generatorwill make them come true as you expect. You can generate cartoon people, pandas, and other cartoon characters like Sponge Bob!

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Three anime female chatacters generated in fotor random anime character creator online

Anime Character Creator

Also, our character generator offers the “Japanese Anime” mode where you can make your anime characters with AI. In our anime character creator, you can get your 2D or 3D anime drawings based on the character design ideas you share with our character builder online.

Make Characters with AI
Create three 3d female and male characters in fotor online 3d character creator

3D Character Maker

With a well-trained 3D character model, you can make 3D characters easily and quickly in the 3D character maker. Just communicate with our character generator and choose the “3D” mode, stunning 3D character designs are at your fingertips. With our online 3D character creator, everyone can be a professional 3D character designer!

Make Characters with AI
Two witches and two elves generated in fotor fantasy character generator

Fantasy Character Creator

Maybe you have dreamed of your own witch or fairy tale characters, and now Fotor’s fantasy character creator is here to make your dream come true. Type your text for concept art fantasy characters the in the character generator, our AI will output the characters such as fairy tales, the villain, and evil creatures. Switch to the fantasy character creator and start your creation now!

Make Characters with AI
Two female and a male game chatacters generated in fotor game npc generator

NPC Generator/ ePic Character Generator

For those game startups, our character generator for games is your first choice to create game characters with AI. You can make video game male & female characters, sprites, and other gaming creatures in our NPC generator for free. Random video game character generator allows you to have high-quality and vivid concept art video game characters as your game assets in minutes.

Make Characters with AI
A male and a female cyberpunk style character generated in fotor cyberpunk character creator

Cyberpunk Character Maker

For those sci-fi fans who are obsessed with futuristic stuff and cyberpunk art, you can make your own cyberpunk characters in the concept art character generator. Our “cyberpunk” mode allows you to create your characters like Ex-Machina with ease. Use our cyberpunk character generator to make your cool character drawings with AI!

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Three disney style princesses generated in fotor disney character generator for free

Disney Character Generator

Every girl may have her own Disney dream, wearing a luxurious dress and having nice makeup. Now the character generator makes Disney-style princesses and characters. With Fotor’s Disney character generator, you can apply the AI-powered Disney filter to your photo and make your Disney-style character ideas come alive in a few minutes!

Make Characters with AI
Generate characters in fotor character generator app for ios and android

Character Creator App for iOS and Android

Now, our character creator app allows you to generate characters with AI on mobile devices, too. Log into the character design app, and you can transform your original character ideas into reality within minutes. Download it to create your characters anywhere and anytime!

Make Characters with AI
Generate a female character in fotor ai character generator online for free

How to Create a Character with AI?

  • Click the “Make Characters with AI” button to get started.
  • Type descriptions for the wanted character that AI draws in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” and choose “From Text” mode on the left dashboard once you have finished your descriptions. Remember to describe as detailed as you can to get the best AI-generated character drawings.
  • You can adjust the style and number of characters on the right toolbar.
  • Click the download icon to save your AI-generated character designs.
Make Characters with AI