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Create a character onlinein under 10 seconds. Simply input a text description, and watch as your AI characters come to life in no time with our AI character generator.

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Effortless Character Creation With AI

Say goodbye to hours of brainstorming and design. With our AI character design generator, you can create a custom character within seconds. All you need to do is provide a text prompt of your character's appearance, traits, and personality, and the AI algorithm will create unique and compelling characters based on your description. No drawing skills are needed at all. Welcome to the future of character design.

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Create an AI Character With Your Own Photo

Imagine seeing yourself or your loved ones transformed into captivating AI characters. With our AI character generator, it's possible. Simply upload a photo, and AI will analyze your facial features and transform your photo into a unique, personalized character. Upload a picture to create your own character now!

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Adjust and edit character freely

Fine-Tune Your AI Characters to Perfection

Our powerful AI character generator offers full customization options to tailor AI characters to your creative vision. You can adjust everything to make your character perfect- hairstyles, facial expressions, emotions, clothes, poses, backgrounds, and more. You have complete control over every aspect of your character's design. Experience a simple character design process with AI today!

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Create Characters in a Variety of Styles

AnimeCartoon3DRealisticDisney PixarFantasyGame NPCCyberpunk
AI anime characters

Create Anime Characters

Say goodbye to manual drawing for anime character design. With our AI character generator, you can make anime characters in any style you like- shonen, chibi, shojo, mecha, manga sketch, chubby, loli, magical girls, etc. Our AI character generator empowers you to effortlessly bring your dream anime characters to life. Ever wondered what you’d look like as an anime character? With our advanced image-to-image anime model, you can upload a picture of yourself and get it transformed into anime style in no time.

AI cartoon characters

Create Cartoon Characters

Just enter your cartoon character creation ideas, our AI character maker will create a set of highly-detailed cartoon characters for you. Whether you’re an author, illustrator, or artist, our tool revolutionizes the way you create cartoon characters. Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also sparks your creative imagination. Take inspiration from the generated cartoon characters, and customize them further to create a truly personalized character design.

3D characters made by Fotor AI character generator

Create 3D Characters

Take your character design to new heights with our well-trained AI 3D character model. This model specializes in creating 3D characters in stunning detail. From 3D fantasy characters to imaginative creatures, we have got you covered. Just tell AI what kind of 3D character you want, and choose the “3D” mode. Within seconds you'll have a stunning 3D character design right before your eyes.

AI realistic characters

Create Realistic Characters

Looking for an easy way to create realistic characters? With our AI character maker, you can create photorealistic AI human characters online that look like real people in life. By utilizing our advanced technology, our tool can create intricate details such as lifelike skin textures, facial expressions, hair, and natural lighting & shading for a authentic look. Experience the ease and realism of our AI character maker today.

AI Disney Pixar style characters

Create Disney Pixar Characters

Fan of Disney Pixar? Design unique Disney Pixar characters that capture the magic of these beloved films. Inspired by the beloved characters of Disney Pixar films, our AI model is trained by millions of Disney movie images to replicate the best cartoon AI Disney characters. Create a Disney Pixar-style princess, prince, villain, animal, and even superheroes with our advanced AI character generator. Have fun to turn your ideas into amazing Pixar-inspired characters.

Fantasy characters made by Fotor AI character generator

Create Fantasy Characters

Maybe you have dreamed of your own witch or fairy tale characters, and now Fotor’s fantasy character creator is here to make your dream come true. Type your text for concept art fantasy characters the in the character generator, our AI will output the characters such as fairy tales, the villain, and evil creatures. Switch to the fantasy character creator and start your creation now!

NPC characters

Create NPC Generators

For those game startups, our character generator for games is your first choice to create game characters with AI. You can make video game male & female characters, sprites, and other gaming creatures in our NPC generator for free. Random video game character generator allows you to have high-quality and vivid concept art video game characters as your game assets in minutes.

AI cyberpunk characters

Create Cyberpunk Characters

For those sci-fi fans who are obsessed with futuristic stuff and cyberpunk art, you can make your own cyberpunk characters in the concept art character generator. Our “cyberpunk” mode allows you to create your characters like Ex-Machina with ease. Use our cyberpunk character generator to make your cool character drawings with AI!

Generate a female character in fotor ai character generator online for free

How to Create a Character?

  • Enter text prompts about the character you want to create, such as gender, appearance, characteristics, traits, and styles.
  • Click the "Generate" button and watch as our AI character generator instantly generates a unique character based on your input.
  • Fine-tune your character to match your vision. Change poses, emotions,
  • After you have created the character you want, click the "Download" button on the right corner to save it. It’s that easy!
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Why Choose Our Character Generator

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AI Character Creation

You don’t need to be a design expert. With Fotor, everyone can create stunning characters with simple clicks.

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Easily adjust and fine-tune every detail of your AI-generated characters to match your style and vision.

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High-Quality Character Designs

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, our AI character generator delivers high-resolution, detailed, and accurate character renderings.

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