AI Game Assets Generator

Enter your descriptions for the expected game assets in Fotor’s free AI game assets generator. Easy to have 2D & 3D game assets in minutes to promote your gaming business!

Three AI game assets including cyberpunk 3d female character and two game backgrounds generated by Fotor AI game assets generator
Generate 3 D cyberpunk background game asset in Fotor AI game asset creator

Fast and Fabulous AI Game Asset Creator

With Fotor’s AI game assets generator, you don’t have to buy game assets design or pay for game asset designers. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, you can have the best game assets creation experience by typing your text for the wanted game assets as detailed as possible, which makes our AI tool work better when you are creating game assets. Wait for a moment, and Fotor’s game asset creator will output the best AI art game assets for you!

Generate Game Assets with AI
Three steampunk background game assets generated in Fotor AI game assets maker

Have Random Game Assets Design with AI Game Art Generator

There is no need for you to dive into the game dev art because our AI game assets creator is trained by millions of famous stocks and illustrations to produce the best game assets for you. Every time you will get different game asset creation outcomes according to your entered descriptions. Thus, you can have more options to decide what’s your favorite game assets design. Click the button to explore Fotor’s AI game assets generator!

Generate Game Assets with AI
A set of pixel game art assets and cartoon style game assets

Create 2D Game Assets as Easy as Pie

If you are seeking for 2D assets maker all around, you’ve come to the right place. In Fotor’s AI game assets generator, you can gain all kinds of 2D game assets instantly after entering the descriptions. Making 2D assets or having AI generated game assets, such as pixel art buildings, cyberpunk spell-book, and pixel art weapons, is never easier than before within Fotor’s 2D game assets creator.

Generate Game Assets with AI
Three 3 D character game assets including a robot sprite and deer

Powerful 3D AI Game Asset Creator You’ve Ever Seen

With the rise and application of 3D technology, both game and graphic design should be combined to create 3D game assets to keep up with the trend. In Fotor's AI game assets generator, you can get AI generated 3d game assets easily. You can choose our 3D style when you are creating game assets, then our pre-trained 3d AI model will output the best free 3d game assets for you.

Generate Game Assets with AI
A set of game assets including 3 D male character and 9 other game asset terms

AI Game Assets Generator for Gaming Startups

If you are developing your game business, you can’t miss Fotor’s AI game assets generator. There is a well-trained AI for game developers to get game dev assets when there is a limited budget for game assets design. Your expected 2D and 3D game assets can be generated in minutes to promote your gaming career. Click the button to create game assets in no time!

Generate Game Assets with AI
Generate three AI game assets to trade as NF Ts

Generate Game Assets to Trade as NFTs

Besides making game dev assets for game developers, Fotor’s AI game assets generator is also quick access for you to create game assets as NFTs for profits. You can use our AI game assets creator to get game art assets. You can try our AI pixel art generator for game assets to create pixel art assets that are welcomed and preferable as digital art collections. It’s time to make game art!

Generate Game Assets with AI

How to Make Game Assets?

  • Click the “Generate Game Assets with AI” button to the AI image generator, and click the button "Generate" to get started.
  • Type the text of the expected game assets design you want as detailed as possible in the text bubble.
  • You can adjust the number and style of the AI-generated game assets on the right toolbar. Click “Generate” and wait for Fotor’s AI game assets generator to finish the game assets creation.
  • Adjust the parameters or click the shortcut icon to Fotor’s AI editor to polish and perfect your game assets design.
  • Finally, click the download button to save your game assets.
Generate Game Assets with AI

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