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Magically turn image into pixel art with Fotor's pixel art generator. Easy to create enchanting pixel art and drawings with AI.

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three ai genrated pixel art drawings from Fotor ai pixel art generator
turn a landscape into the pixel art drawing in Fotor ai image to pixel art maker

AI Image to Pixel Art Converter

Fotor allows you to use its pixel art converter to get digital pixelation art in one click. Just upload images that you want to turn to pixel art pictures, and our pixel art maker from image with AI will automatically recognize the image subjects and turn image into pixel art with ease. Try Fotor’s AI pixel image converter to pixelate images now!

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generate a pixel map in Fotor online ai pixel art generator

Visualize Pixel Art Ideas with AI Pixel Art Generator

Alternatively, with Fotor’s AI pixel art generator, you can have a one-of-a-kind text to image experience like never before. Our AI pixel art creator will output the best pixel art in seconds if you enter the descriptions for your wanted pixel art drawings. Plus, you can easily create 8, 16, and 32-bit pixel art as you like. GIve our pixel art maker a try and bring your pixel drawing ideas into life in no time!

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generate a pixel avatar in Fotor online ai pixel art generator and use it as the Instagram avatar

Make Eye-Catching Pixel Art Portraits and Avatars

If you want to have a unique avatar for your Instagram or Twitter, why not try a pixel art avatar? As an enchanting gaming style art, pixel art avatar can make you stand out from the rest easily. Fotor’s AI pixel generator is an amazing tool that generates pixel art faces or portraits as needed. Moreover, our online pixel art maker outputs the exact avatar you want, and just start making your own pixel art avatar with AI now!

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generate two Minecraft style pixel art paintings in Fotor ai pixel art generator

Minecraft Pixel Art Generator Online Free

Whenever you want to have Minecraft block images, you can’t miss Fotor’s Minecraft image converter even if you are a beginner. In our Minecraft pixel art maker, just upload pictures or type your text for the wanted Minecraft pixel art images, and our AI will generate Minecraft pixel art drawings in minutes that you can take as personal use or game assets development.

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generate two pixel anime characters with Fotor online ai pixel art maker

Exclusive Anime Pixel Art Maker

Want to make your own anime sprites like in the Japanese pixel art video game? You have Fotor’s AI anime pixel art generator easily and quickly. From anime pixel art characters to anime pixel art sprites, our anime pixel art maker gets you all covered. Just click the button to generate your anime pixel arts now!

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Two retro game pixel characters

Make Your Own Unique Pixel Art Characters

You may have dreamed how you look like when you are in the game videos, and today Fotor will create your own pixel art character in seconds. More than that, you can use our pixel art generator to convert your photo to pixel art character with ease. Click the button to use our AI character maker now!

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generate pixel design materials including pixel stickers and fonts to make a pixel poster

Enrich Your Graphic Design Resources with Pixel Art Maker

Fotor’s AI pixel art generator is not only a pixel drawings maker, but also an important tool to generate pixel art design resources. You can use our AI pixel art creator to generate pixel art logos or ask our AI to create pixel stickers, text fonts, and other design elements you want to enrich your design materials to create digital art.

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Generate a pixel art building in fotor ai pixel art generator

How to Generate Pixel Drawings?

  • Click the “Convert Image to Pixel Art Now” button to get started.
  • Click "From Text" block to enter prompts to create your own pixel art drawing with AI.
  • Alterntively, you can upload your image to our pixel art maker to convert image to pixel art.
  • When you are satisfied, you can download and share your pixel art image online.
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