10 Best AI Image Generator Apps for The Public in 2024

[From Established Names and Trending Brands]

Summary: Ten best AI image generator apps will be introduced in this blog post. They are all presented by the established names or trending brands. Besides, other factors are taken into consideration, such as interface, ease of use, pricing, custom settings, output quality and more. Please read it to learn more.

Last year marks swift technological advancements in artificial intelligence. When we need an AI that writes copy for us, we have AI generative bot like ChatGPT. When we long for an AI that creates images, we have plenty of AI image generators which constantly grip public's attention. Their emergence have now revolutionized the way we create and interact with visual content, allowing us to turn our text or existing photos into stunning and high-quality images effortlessly and instantly. However, you may be lost in front of numerous options in the market, wondering what the best AI image generator is.

Well, we would like to offer our help by presenting an article that explores ten best AI image generator apps available to the public in 2024. We hope you can pick your ideal choice to freely generate your own unique and creative visual works after finishing it.

Why an AI Image Generator Matters for an Individual?

Easier Way of Creativity Demonstration: Anyone can rely on an AI image generator to produce creative and unique pictures from his or her text prompts or existing pictures. Most AI picture generators are made easy and convenient, so no learning curve is normally required to operate one.
Efficiency and Speed: An AI image generator can export attractive and high-quality pictures within seconds, significantly speeding up workflows for netizens.
Endless Creative Ideas: An AI image generator can quickly bring users various pictures with different styles. Therfore, it can serve as a source of inspiration, enabling you to experiment with different aesthetics and visuals without limitations to sparking new ideas to spice up your social media presence.
A Great Help for Various Industries: With the rapid development of AI technology, the quality of an AI art generator has now been greatly enhanced. Therefore, it can be applied to multiple sectors to assist individuals in their work, such as marketing and advertising (compelling visuals for campaigns and social media), entertainment (concept art and storyboarding for films and video games), education (illustrative content for educational materials and research), E-commerce (product images and promotional graphics), etc.
Integration with Other Technologies: AI image generators often integrate seamlessly with other digital tools and platforms to enhance their functionality. For instance, they can be baked into design software, social media platforms and content management systems to create an efficient digital ecosystem.

What Is The Best AI Image Generator?

It is hard to define the best AI image generator, as everyone holds different requirements. For us, the research subjects are focused on the tools brought by the established names and currently trending brands with good reputations. We believe that these tools can provide users with smooth generation processes and will be under constant improvement powered by continuous technological exploration in these towering figures and popular brands, even if some of them are less than the best for now.

In addition to the aforementioned criterion, we will also text other ones, such as interface, ease of use, pricing, custom settings, output quality and more. Then, after our two-day careful trial, we jump into the following conclusion:

DeveloperFree CreditsSuitable Users
FotorFotor8Beginners and Professionals
DALLE 3 (Microsoft Copilot Designer)OpenAI15Beginners
Adobe FireflyAdobe25Beginners and Professionals
CanvaCanva50Beginners and Professionals
Leonardo AILeonard Interactive150Beginners and Professionals
CraiyonCraiyon LLCUnlimitedBeginners
ImagineArt AIVyro AI50Beginners and Professionals
Neural.LoveNeural.Love6 (Advanced Features)Beginners and Professionals

10 Best AI Image Generator Apps for Individuals in 2024

In this part, we will answer your question "What's the best AI image generator?" by introducing ten practical and useful AI image generators, particularly for personal use.

1. Fotor

best ai image generator fotor

Fotor has gained a long-term reputation as a powerful photo editor to help users with easy image manipulation. It has now been equipped with progressive AI technology, giving users a valuable AI image generator from text and image. This tool boasts a simple and intuitive interface, along with convenient generation operations. If you have no idea what to produce, there are pre-set prompts to help you bring your imagine to life. Hence, even IT beginners will find it effortless to use.

Additionally, Fotor offers 30+ custom artistic styles to personalize users' outputs, from super realistic photography and digital art to comics and pinting. If you are a marketing or advertising professional, Fotor can be greatly helpful with its AI logo/pixel art/icon generator. No matter which style you choose, you will get satisfactory pictures based on its vast library of visual art in an instant. Additional settings, like aspect ratio and image number, can be easily adjustable to meet your different needs.

Furthermore, Fotor is highly multi-functional. On top of an AI image generator, it launches a number of meaningful AI tools, such as AI replace, expand, skin retouch, filters and more.

Fotor is also known for its cross-platform avalaibility, including online and mobile platforms. Its multi-functionality and practicability win the netizens' recognition, hailing it as one of the best AI image generators for Android and iOS. When your free credits run out, you can become a premium subscriber and enjoy all its cross-platform services with one payment.

Fotor AI image generator
Fotor AI Image Generator

Easy AI Image Generation from Text and Images

Various Artistic Styles

Multiple Pre-Set Inspirational Prompts

Fast Image Generation

Super High-Quality Outputs

Create Your AI Image

Pricing: 8 Free Credits + Premium Plan (Pro $3.99/Mo and Pro+ $7.49/Mo)

Supported OS: Online (Windows+Mac), Android, iOS (iPhone)

● User-friendly interface
● Easy to use
● Cross-platform compatibility
● AI image generation from text and picture
● Pre-set prompts to help users
● AI features for professionals available
● High-quality output

● Limited free credits

2. Midjourney

best ai image generator midjourney

Speaking of the concept--AI image generator, Midjourney is probably the first tool popping up in the public's minds. It is an AI art generator developed by Discord, which is adept at AI text-to-image generation. Besides, it is highly famous for its outputs in crystal clear quality, which is equal to professional photography and animation. Hence, it is suitable for both personal and professional use.

However, for most individuals, Midjourney is far from user-friendly since it requires a complex signup process to start and professionally specific prompts to generate extremely high-quality images that align with your requirements. If you have problems with how it operates, you can seek assistance from the Discord community.

Pricing: No Free Plan + Basic: $10/Mo, Standard: $30, Pro: $60 and Mega: $120/Mo

Supported OS: Online only

● Exremely high-quality output
● Several custom settings to fine-tune your results
● Vibrant Discord community

● Limited compatibility
● No free plan
● Professional knowledge of prompts required for better results

3. DALLE 3 (Also Microsoft Copilot Designer)

best ai image generator dalle 3 microsoft copilot designer

OpenAI is definitely a huge name due to the successful launch of its mighty AI bot - ChatGPT. DALLE 3 is another tool that specializes in AI image generation created by this impressive company. Compared with its prodecessor - DALLE 2, an independent product, DALLE 3 is now embeded into ChatGPT 4 and Microsoft Bing Copilot (Designer).

Therefore, DALLE 3 is now exceptionally simple to operate and has become more accessible. All you need to do is to find Designer in Microsoft Bing's Copilot and enter your prompt. Then, you can expect four high-quality images in a flash. Also, thanks to its integration into Microsoft Designer, DALLE 3 is now able to generate AI picture from an uploaded photo. It is generally free to use; however, users can purchase tokens to enjoy faster generation speed.

Pricing: Free Version (15 Free Tokens) + $ $20/Mo (Designer)

Supported OS: Online only

● Clear interface
● Generally free
● Easy to use
● Good understanding of your prompts

● Flaws in details
● Slower generation speed when tokens run out

4. Adobe Firefly

best ai image generator adobe firefly

Adobe has an established reputation in visual art, including images and videos. Dedicated to the development of AI technology, it releases its own AI image generator - Firefly. It is a powerful AI image tool available on its official website and in Adobe Express and PhotoShop. Therefore, it is suitable for both individuals and professionals.

For its AI text-to-image generation, Adobe Firefly allows users to adjust various settings, from models and content type to aspect ratio and structure. So they can get four results in high quality based on their prompts. In addition to this feature, it offers users other ones, like text font effects, generative fill, generative recolor and more, to facilitate them, especially for professional image editors.

Pricing: 25 Free Credits + $4.99/100 Credits Mo

Supported OS: Windows, Mac and Online

● Simple to operate
● High-quality output
● Integration with Adobe Express and Photoshop

● Professional skills needed for some features

5. ImageFX

best ai image generator imagefx

ImageFX may be a less familiar name. However, it is a tool presented by the internet's towering figure - Google. It is quite a user-friendly AI image generator free online, offering users a simple and clear interface with necessary settings only.

This good text-to-image AI will start with a pre-set prompt for users to try and provide more detailed ones below (including lighting, color, contexts and more) it to fine-tune the generated pictures. Also, you are allowed for further editing when your outputs are displayed.

Since ImageFX is completely free, it can serve as the best AI image generator without restrictions, making it an ideal choice for individuals.

Pricing: Free

Supported OS: Online only

● Totally free
● Extremely clear interface
● Easy to use
● Guaranteed high quality

● No apps

6. Canva

best ai image generator canva

Canva is one of the globally prevalent image editors and design platforms. It rises to fame owing to its large number of design templates and ease of use, which makes it accessible to non-designers in particular. Meanwhile, Canva surprises users with its strong compatibility, giving them desktop software, mobile apps and online services.

Its AI photo generator is also less challenging to operate. Centering on AI generated images from text, it gives users 20+ different styles to customize their results in good quality. If you have problems with the prompts, an "Inspire Me" tab is available to help you. Moreover, it lets users to generate AI graphics through its exclusive AI graphic generator.

Every new user is entitled to 50 free credits. When they are all used up, you must upgrade your plan to a premium one to continue accessing this service.

Pricing: 50 Free Credits + $12.99/Mo

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Online

● Compatible with multiple platforms
● 50 free credits
● Simple to operate
● Quick image editing

● No AI picture generation from image

7. Leonardo AI

best ai image generator leonardo ai

Leonardo AI is an innovative AI tool for image generation, which aims to create high-quality, realistic pictures from text. Designed to cater to a wide range of users, from random netizens without art knowledge to image professionals, this online tool offers a powerful and user-friendly platform for generating visual content.

Besides, users can enjoy several styles to customize the final effects of their images and export at most four outputs based on its various advanced machine learning algorithms. Also, the contrast and image dimensions can be easily adjustable. Meanwhile, advanced settings are available for professionals to edit their pictures further, and a private mode is equipped to generate NSFW images.

However, limitations apply to its free version. For example, limited generation mode, resolution, image number option, private mode and more.

Pricing: 150 Free Credits + $12/Mo (Apprentice), $30/Mo (Artisan) and $60/Mo (Maestro)

Supported OS: Online only

● User-friendly interface
● Various AI image generation algorithms
● Advanced settings for experienced users
● Private mode available (a paid service)

● Limited functionality in its free version

8. Craiyon

best ai image generator craiyon

Craiyon emerges as an extremely simple AI that generates images from text. There are no complex settings and the operations prove to be quite effortless. After clicking "Draw," you will get nine good-quality outputs. More importantly, it is now utterly free to use, meeting random users' needs. But if you want faster image generation, you can upgrade your plan to a professional one.

However, Craiyon still needs to improve its output quality since there are some flaws on each picture. Besides, there are only a few styles to choose from and a watermark will be inserted on every result.

Pricing: Free + $5/Mo (Supporter) and $20/Mo (Professional)

Supported OS: Online only

● 100% free
● Extremely simple to operate
● Nine good-quality outputs

● Limited styles
● Flaws in the details

9. ImagineArt AI

best ai image generator imagineart ai

ImagineArt AI is an AI-powered image generator from text. It amazes users with its powerful artificial intelligence models and super realistic AI-generated photos that resemble various artistic styles, such as cartoon, fantasy and 3D games.

Additionally, a CFG scale is available to control how much your images will look like your prompts. Therefore, you can get highly satisfactory results with the assistance of ImagineArt AI.

Pricing: 50 Free Credits + $8/Mo (Standard) and $13/Mo (Premium)

Supported OS: Online only

● Beginner-friendly operations
● Super high-quality outputs
● CFG scale option
● Various excellent AI models

● Limited compatibility

10. Neural.Love

best ai image generator neural love

Neural.Love may not be a tool with a long history, but it is now a highly trending AI for generating images. Its basic features are free for all users. In addition to its self-made model, DALLE-3 and Stable Diffusion 3 can be chosen to provide you with custom results. Although only seven styles are available in this online tool, users can directly request a new style, which might be approved and created later. Meanwhile, steps and prompt guidance are optional in advanced settings, so users can rely on them to fine-tune their results. Also, a large number of user cases are listed to help you draw inspirations, which will give me direct prompts to generate the images in your heart.

In addition to AI text-to-image generation, this online platform offers voice-type prompts and supports AI image generation from a prepared picture. Besides, private mode can be found to assist you in generating NSFW photos. It is also known for its good-quality outputs and extra AI features, such as instant AI photo, AI logo maker, AI avatar maker and more.

Pricing: Free Version with 8 Free Credits (Basic Features) + $0.09/Credit

Supported OS: Online only

● Easy to use
● User-friendly interface
● Different AI models
● Optional "private results" mode
● Up to 20 results

● Plenty of charged services: HQ mode, private results, advanced settings, etc.

Is an AI Image Generator legal?

It is a complex question. The legality of AI image generators largely depends on several factors, including how the AI is used, the source of the data it was trained on and the jurisdiction in which you are operating. Here are some key considerations:

Intellectual Property and Copyright Issues: It will be illegal if an AI image generator was trained on copyrighted material without proper licenses. So is the situation when you use all your AI-generated images for commercial use.
Ethical and Privacy Concerns: It is definitely illegal to use an AI image generator to create various deepfakes of someone without his or her consent. Using others' personal data without their permission does raise legal issues.
Jurisdictional Variations: Different countries adopt different laws regarding copyright, data protection and consumer rights. It is crucial to know and comply with local regulations when consuming AI-generated images.

Is there a completely free AI Image Generator?

Yes. As can be seen in this article, ImageFX and Craiyon are now completely free AI image generators. Tools like Neural.love provide entirely free trial for its basic features while those like Canva and Leonardo AI offers a large quantity of free credits.

However, if you want to export extremely high-quality outputs, you can resort to some advanced services like Fotor, which also offers free credits for every user to try.

Final Thought

What is the best AI image generator? We hope the cloud in your mind can be cleared after all of you finish this blog post. According to our research, the 10 AI image generators listed in this article prove to be user-friendly and suitable for the public. More than just cold and lifeless tools, they are gateways to artistic innovation and creativity. By integrating these AI solutions into your creative process, you can unlock new levels of efficiency, creativity and impact.

So, pick your ideal tool from the list and see how your imagination and fantasy can be transformed into tangible images.