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Create icons for apps, websites, or businesses with Fotor’s AI icon generator. Let AI simplify your design procedure and bring your icon design ideas into reality faster and easier!

Seven ai generated icons from fotor online ai icon generator
Generate blue security clock icon from text prompts by using fotors ai icon generator

Automatic, Easy, Fast Icon Generation

Embrace the revolutionized and intuitive way to make an icon: AI icon generator. Compared to traditional icon makers or software, Fotor offers an easier, quicker, and more intelligent tool for you to generate AI icons or symbols with the help of advanced algorithms. Save your time and budget for professional icon designers.

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Eight ai generated icon of various styles and colors from Fotor

Bring Your Design Ideas to Life with AI Icon Generator

Transform your design ideas into reality using the power of artificial intelligence. Fotor puts you in full control when making your own icon. Enter your prompts for the desired icon, including the style, color, and shape, then our AI icon creator generates icons exactly to your liking. From the line art icon to the AI symbol-styled one, our free icon generator has you covered!

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Speed Up Your Workflow with AI Generated Icons

Use fotor ai icon creator to generate app icons for mobile phones

Generate Unique App Icons with AI

Instead of using the complicated app icon software, reach out to our amazing AI app icon creator. It takes only seconds to create app icon by using Fotor. Even you can bulk generate app icons based on your preference with our AI app icon generator by adjusting the generation number. With AI-generated app icons, you can customize your app icon to achieve the maximum interface aesthetic for both iOS and Android.

Three blue ai generated icons from fotor applied in the website design

Take Your Website Design to the Next Level with Beautiful Icons

Impress the visitors to your websites with stunning and unique icons. Utilize Fotor’s AI icon generator, and get some creative and stylish icons easily and quickly. Integrate them into the website design for navigation menus, buttons, and signals to catch the attention of the visitors. Try out our online icon builder to boost your business in no time!

Five ai generated icons from fotor applied to the presentation

Utilize Icons to Make Appealing Presentation

Suitable icons can help create visually engaging content. Whenever making a presentation, use our AI icon creator to help generate icons to make your content easy to understand and logical. Plus, beautiful icons can help attract attention to focus on what’s important. Use AI-generated icons to make an appealing presentation now!

Apply the ai generated icons from fotor to the infograohic of personal plan

Leverage Icons to Create Clear and Engaging Infographic

When representing data, statistics, or concepts, do not hesitate to use icons to illustrate your ideas clearly and engagingly. Sometimes, you may struggle to find the perfect icon to convey yourself effectively. In such instances, leverage Fotor's online AI icon maker to enrich your icon resources, ensuring you can have dreamed icons readily available whenever needed.

Customize the ai generated icon in fotor ai icon editor

Enhance Your Icon Design with AI Toolsets for Business Identity

Custom icons are within your reach when using our AI icon generator. AI-powered icon editor is available to let everyone customize the AI-generated icons that align with the brand identity. Change the background color, add eye-catching text, or adjust the position to reach the maximum visual effect.

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Generate a colorful circular icon from text by using fotors ai icon generator

How to Generate Icon with AI?

  • Click “Generate Yours Now” to switch to our AI icon generator.
  • Enter your prompts in the text box, including all your preferences like style, color, and shape.
  • Then, choose the “Icon” style and adjust the number of generations.
  • Next, click “Generate”, and our tool will automatically output the icons according to the input prompts.
  • When satisfied, download and use your icons as needed.
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