Add Stickers to Photos Online for Free

In just a few clicks, you can easily add stickers to photos with Fotor.

Choose from a wide collection of stickers for pictures to transform your photos instantly!

Add stickers to photos online with Fotor
Put stickers on photos quickly and easily with Fotor

Fast and Simple Way to Put Stickers on Photos

Fotor is a free online photo editor that lets you easily add stickers to photos. Just upload your picture and you can immediately start decorating it with stickers. There’re tons of stickers available on Fotor. Choose stickers you like and drag them to your photos. It's that easy! Get some fun vibes to your photos with Fotor now.

Add Stickers to Photos Now
A variety of stickers for pictures on Fotor

A Huge Selection of Stickers for Pictures

There are millions of free stickers on Fotor, so it is always easy to find the perfect stickers for your pictures. No matter what kind of stickers you're looking for, cute stickers, text stickers or even festival stickers for Halloween and Christmas, we've got them all! Browse the sticker categories and search for specific stickers to get started now.

Add Stickers to Photos Now
Edit stickers

Edit Stickers to Better Fit Your Photos

Stickers on Fotor are totally customizable, so you easily modify them to match the overall aesthetic of your images. With the handy built-in editing tools, you can edit stickers' color, size, and transparency, as well as rotate, flip, and duplicate them. You are free to customize the stickers however you want.

Add Stickers to Photos Now
Make photo stickers easily with Fotor

Turn Photos to Stickers in a Snap

Fotor's features go well beyond simply putting stickers on photos. With it, you can create stickers from your own photos online! Cut out the most interesting part of your photo, erase the background, and add some interesting captions with various font styles. In minutes, you’ll have an awesome photo sticker to share with your friends on WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, and other platforms of your choice!

Add Stickers to Photos Now
Fotors free app to add stickers to photos on the go

App to Add Stickers to Photos on the Go

Looking for a way to add stickers to photos on iPhone? Look no further! Fotor has a mobile app that lets you add stickers to a photo right from your fingertips. Aside from that, Fotor’s photo editor app is packed with a variety of photo editing features. Try it now and enhance your photos like a pro!

Add Stickers to Photos Now
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How to Add Stickers to Photos?

  • Using Fotor, you can put stickers on photos in a matter of seconds. To get started, click the button "Add stickers to photos now".
  • Upload your photo to Fotor. Then, go to "Elements" and browse Fotor's sticker library or search for stickers by typing some keywords in the search bar.
  • Once you find the right sticker, just drag and drop it onto your photo to add it. Furthermore, you can adjust the size, position, and color of the sticker to make it better suit your image.
  • After you've made all necessary changes, click download to save the photo in high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Alternatively, you can share your wonderful creations on social media with a click of a button.
Add Stickers to Photos Now

Add Stickers to Photos Online in Seconds

Add Stickers to Photos Now