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Add text to image online in seconds with Fotor’s free text adder.

Choose from thousands of fonts and text overlays to create stunning images.

Add text to image online in seconds with Fotor's free text adder
Put text on image easily with Fotor's free online image text adder

Effortlessly Add Text to Photo Online

Fotor’s text adder makes it super easy and fast for anyone to overlay text on an image. Simply upload your image, choose a font style you like, type in your text, customize it further if desired, and voila! Whether you need to add captions to images for social media or add text to watermark your photos, Fotor has got you covered. It’s simple, fast, and free.

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Various fancy text fonts on Fotor's photo text adder

Tons of Fancy Image Text Fonts to Choose From

Explore thousands of font styles- boldface, cursive, calligraphy, handwriting, script, and a whole lot more. With a huge font library at your disposal, you can easily find ideal fonts that match the aesthetic and themes of your pictures. Moreover, our picture text adder is constantly updated with new fonts, so you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest typography trends!

Add Text to Image Now
Adjust and customize text on image easily using Fotor's photo text adder

Customize Text on Image to Your Liking

Fotor's free photo text adder lets you quickly adjust and customize the text on photos. With just a few clicks, you can change text size, colors, and alignment, apply various text effects, make curved text, and more. You have the full ability to edit text in image as you want. Take advantage of Fotor to create eye-catching visuals for your projects!

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Add text to photo in bulk with Fotor's text adder

Add Text to Multiple Photos at Once

Need to add text to a bunch of photos? Don’t worry. Fotor's free online text adder supports batch image processing. You can put text on up to 50 pictures all at once. No more repetitive actions. The handy batch processing feature lets you get more done in less time. With Fotor, adding text to photos has never been easier and more efficient!

Add Text to Image Now
Remove and edit text in image with Fotor's photo text editor

More Than Just a Text Adder

You can do so much more than just add text to image. With Fotor’s robust photo text editor, you can easily remove unwanted text from an image. Just mark the text you want to remove, and Fotor will erase it from the image automatically and accurately. Start using Fotor now and see for yourself!

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Why Choose Fotor to Put Text on Image?

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Powerful Text Adder

Fotor covers all your image text editing needs. Add, remove, and edit text on images all in one place.

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Vast Font Library

Enjoy thousands of fonts and font combinations to find the perfect one that aligns with your style and message.

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Custom Text For Your Image

With a variety of customization options, it’s easy to create custom fonts and enhance the text to make it better fit your images.

How to Add Text to Image?

  • It takes just seconds to add text to an image with Fotor’s free online text adder. Firstly, click the “Add Text Now” button and upload your image.
  • Click on the Text tool on the left sidebar and enter your text.
  • Drag the text overlay to your preferred placement on the image. You can customize text on image with different fonts, sizes, colors, alignment, and more to achieve the desired look.
  • Once you're finished adding text, click the “Download” button to download your edited image in multiple high-resolution file formats. Or click the “Share” button to instantly share your text image to social media.
Add Text to Image Now

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Add Text to Image With Fotor’s Text Adder Now

Add Text to Image Now