Watermark Photos Online for Free

Effortlessly watermark photos to protect your digital copies and files with Fotor. Free to add watermark to photo with your own text, logo, even signatures.

Upload and watermark pictures in no time!

add watermark to a female image with fotor watermark maker

Protect Your Images with Custom Watermarks

Watermark Photos for Free
add watermark to a  juice product image

Watermark Photos Instantly

Fotor allows everyone to watermark photos quickly and easily. Even you don’t have any experience before, adding watermark to protect your digital copies is a piece of cake. Upload your images to Fotor’s free watermark maker, and choose a wanted watermark type, and watermark photos as needed. And you can fully customize watermark by changing place, transparency, size, color, and more.

Watermark Photos for Free
add text watermark to the sea image with three different fonts

Multiple Customizable Options to Watermark Photos

Fotor offers you various options to watermark pictures. With the watermark maker, you can create watermarks with abundant fancy text fonts, sizes, and colors. Besides, you are free to upload or design a shape or image in Fotor's watermark creator to form a special picture watermark for your images.

Watermark Photos for Free
add watermarks to a desert female and furniture photos in bulk

Watermark Pictures in Batches with Ease

Adding watermark to multiple pictures is easy using Fotor’s free watermark creator. Whether it’s 10 pics or double, Fotor handles them all with ease. Just upload all your photos to our batch watermark adder, customize your watermark, and you can effortlessly watermark images at once.

Watermark Photos for Free
watermark pictures with various fonts in Fotor app

Watermark Photos App for Both iOS and Android

Fotor's watermark maker allows you to add watermarks to photos on your phone. Fotor provides you with the best watermark photos app for iOS and Android that you can place watermark on photos anytime and anywhere. Just download and log into the watermark app to add watermarks to your works and share them online now!

Watermark Photos for Free
watermark photos with different fonts in Fotor watermark editor

How to Watermark Photos?

  • Click on the "Add Watermark Now" button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop the images that you want to create a watermark for in Fotor's watermark maker.
  • Click on the Text on the left toolbar and enter the text that you want to apply as the watermark. Optimize your text watermark by adjusting the text fonts, sizes and colours.
  • You can also try to upload your logo image as your watermark. Try Fotor's transparent png maker to make your logo file transparent and apply your transparent logo png as your photo watermark.
  • Download your newly watermarked photos.
Watermark Photos for Free

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Watermark Photos for Free

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