AI Jewelry Generator

Design dazzling and unique jewelry online with AI jewelry generator of Fotor. It supports create classic and 3D stylish jewelry from text. Get customized jewelry in minutes!

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Design jewelry from text

Create Dazzling Jewelry from Text

Want to design a unique piece of jewelry like a gorgeous diamond necklace, or a pair of simple pearl earrings, but don't know how to get started? Don’t worry. AI jewelry maker of Fotor is perfect for your needs. Powered by artificial intelligence, it is trained by millions of jewelry design works to output the best jewelry design.

Enter a text prompt to describe the jewelry piece you have in mind, such as its type, material, style, and any other relevant details, our jewelry creator will understand your words and convert them to unique design works instantly. Have fun with AI to turn your description into amazing jewelry works.

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Customize 3D Stylish Jewelry in Minutes

Powered by the cutting-edge jewelry generator model, making a piece of 3D jewelry work is easy in AI jewelry creator of Fotor. Besides creating the 2D jewelry design, the generator can also output fabulous 3D design works as long as you choose the 3D mode or command with 3D in your wanted jewelry words.

With our ai image generator, you can design various stylish jewelry. For example, you can set your jewelry with baroque pearls, design a rococo necklace, or make a luxurious and noble crown. Get started on your design journey!

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Swap crystals for pearls in earing jewelry generating processing in Fotor ai image generator

Perfect Jewelry Design with Inpainting

No matter how good your prompt and model are, it is rare to get a perfect image in one shot. Fortunately, Inpainting of Fotor allows you to fix and editing small defects of AI-generated jewelry images. Inpainting is a process where missing parts of an artwork are filled in to present a complete image.

If you are mostly satisfied with the AI-generated images, but there are still some details that need further optimization, this is where our inpainting function can do it for you.

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Design a sapphire ring in Fotor

How to Design Jewelry with AI?

  • Click the “Design Jewelry Now” button and enter the AI Image Generator to get started.
  • Type your descriptions of the jewelry design you want in the text bubble.Remember to add as much detail as you want the AI image to emulate. The more detailed your descriptions are, the more realistic and accurate the jewelry will be.
  • Click the button "Generate", and select your preferred style and adjust other details, including ratios, details, and light effects.
  • Finally, click the download icon to save your own AI-generated jewelry works.
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