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Transform your product design creation or sketch drawing into real life with Fotor AI product design generator in seconds.

Free for everyone to explore the future of product design.

Ai generated shoes earphones and chairs from fotor ai product design generator
Generate a sunglasses design from text in fotor online ai image generator

Make Digital Product Design with AI from Text

Tell Fotor about your product design ideas, your dreamed AI product designs are at your fingertips. With the AI image generator, you can simplify the product design process by describing the product design you want our AI to realize for you. Wait a few seconds, you can get AI-generated product designs with ease.

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3d necklace design from fotor ai product design generator

3D Product Design Generated by AI

Now you don’t have to search for 3D product design software, because Fotor offers you the 3D mode to choose from when you are creating AI product designs. Easy to make a 3D product design with AI and to see whether the digital product design effect conforms to the product design specifications or not.

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Generate product packaging design in fotor online product design tool

Professional Product Packaging Design

Applied AI in designs, our AI design tools saves your time and budget for professional product design companies or designers. Just tell Fotor your product design sketches of the product packages, and our AI product design tool will plan for your product package designs and the pattern background you need to create the best product design online.

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Generae a earphone from text in fotor ai product design generator for free

How to Design a Product with AI?

  • Click the “Generate AI Product Design” button to get started.
  • Enter descriptions for the wanted product design in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” and choose “From Text” mode on the left toolbar once you have finished your descriptions. Remember to describe as detailed as you can to get the best product designs.
  • You can adjust the number and style of the AI-generated product design images on the right menu bar.
  • Click the download icon to save your 3D product design photos.
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