AI Architecture Generator

Easy to make AI architecture designs with the AI architecture generator of Fotor. Ask AI to draw and get online architectural designs in seconds.

Two modern AI Architecture designs made by ai architecture generator
Make architecture design from text with ai architecture generator in Fotor

Make Architectural Designs from Text

AI architecture generator of Fotor is one of the best architectural design software, which uses AI systems called neural networks to convert users' text inputs into AI-generated building designs.

Describe your vision in words, specifying the desired style, layout, materials, and other details, and the AI Architecture Generator will interpret and transform those descriptions into stunning visual representations. This enables architects to communicate their ideas effectively and explore design concepts rapidly.

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Two modern house ai architecture drawings with glasses

Create 3D Architecture Models Easily

In addition to 2D drawings, 3D architecture models can also be generated. Designing 3D architectural models traditionally required significant time and expertise. However, the AI Architecture Generator in Fotor simplifies this process by offering easy-to-use tools for creating 3D models.

Just input your floor plans and elevations, and the AI Architecture Generator will generate realistic 3D models, complete with textures, lighting, and even virtual landscapes. This capability enables architects to visualize and present their designs more effectively.

Make Architecture Designs
Two sky rises of apartment ai architecture designs

Get Inspired with AI Interior Designs

The AI Architecture Generator of Fotor extends its capabilities beyond exterior designs and encompasses interior design as well. Now you don’t have to pay for a house designer because you can have Fotor AI interior design tool as your first-choice free interior designer.

You can explore a vast library of AI-generated interior designs, including furniture arrangements, color schemes, lighting setups, and more. This serves as a valuable source of inspiration, helping you to generate fresh ideas, experiment with different styles, and create captivating interior spaces.

Make Architecture Designs
Make a modern ai architecture design in Fotor

How to Make AI Architecture Designs?

  • Click the “Make Architecture Designs” button and enter the AI Image Generator to get started.
  • Type your descriptions of the AI architecture drawing you want in the text bubble. Remember to add as much detail as you want the AI image to emulate.
  • Click the button "Generate", and select your preferred style and adjust other details, including ratios, details, and light effects.
  • Finally, click the download icon to save your own AI-generated architecture designs.
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