AI Book Cover Generator

Create a professional book cover that connects your content while achieving the maximum art aesthetic with Fotor’s AI book cover generator. Easy, fast, and 100% AI supported!

Four book covers generated in fotor ai book cover generator
Generate the travel book cover in fotor ai book cover generator

Impress Your Reader with AI Generated Book Covers

Alternatively, Fotor offers an easier and more intuitive way to turn your ideas into reality. Enter your detailed descriptions for the wanted book cover design, and wait for our AI book cover generator to convert text to image that matches your imagination. It’s fast, automatic, and amazing! You can get a perfect design image that perfectly reflects the value you are passing and leaves an ever-lasting impression on your audience.

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Customize the book cover using fotors ai tools

Integrate AI Design Elements for Uniqueness

Then, you can fully customize the AI-generated cover with our pre-set AI cover art generator. After outlining the overall design, do not hesitate to utilize it to enrich the cover with some one-of-a-kind design elements including text, stickers, and more that showcase your attitude. And still, more AI design tools like the color palette generator are at your fingertips to make your book cover design truly unique and engaging.

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Use fotor ai book cover generator to generate the book cover for working efficiently

How to Make a Book Cover with AI?

  • Click “Create Your Now” button to get started.
  • Type the detailed descriptions of the AI book cover design, and choose the wanted style and the number of AI generations
  • Click "Generate" to get your AI-generated designs, then, click the shortcut to our editor to perfect your cover with text, stickers, and more elements with preset AI tools.
  • Alternatively, you can choose from book cover templates, and customize everything as needed with the help of our inbuilt tools, including color, text, alignment, and more.
  • Preview and save your book cover by clicking the “Download” button when satisfied.
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