AI GIF Generator: Turn Your Ideas into Animated GIFs Instantly

With tons of preset GIF styles, creating custom GIFs from text or images is super easy. At Fotor, we can deliver a fast and easy way to make live or animated images.

What is AI GIF Generator

What is AI GIF Generator?

The Fotor AI GIF Generator, also known as the AI GIF Maker, is powered by our advanced artificial intelligence technology. It can automatically convert images or text into GIFs or animations.

It extracts information from inputs such as words, images, text prompts, and ideas to guide the GIF generation process, quickly transforming them into 4-second GIFs or animations. This saves you time and reduces costs, making your GIF creation faster and more efficient.

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Turn Your Text Prompts Into GIF1

Turn Your Text Prompts Into GIF

Making a GIF from scratch can be time-consuming. Now, you can create your own GIF in seconds with our AI GIF Generator. Just type your ideas, words, and details about what your GIF should look like, then choose the style of your GIF. Bam, you have a 4-second GIF ready—just like that, easy and quick.

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Convert Your Image Into GIF

Convert Your Image Into GIF

Looking to make your images more vivid and dynamic? Look no further—our AI GIF Maker can transform your images into animations instantly. You don’t need any animation skills or professional graphic design experience; simply toss your image onto the canvas, and our tool will take care of the rest.

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How to Create An GIF With AI

How to Create An GIF With AI ?

  • Open the Tool: Enter the Fotor AI GIF Generator to create an eye-catching GIF
  • Type Your Text Prompts or Toss an Image: Enter your text prompts or a single image, and our tool will automatically generate a 4-second GIF.
  • Select the Style: Fotor offers tons of GIF styles, choose one you desired and hit"Generate" button.
  • Download and Share: Download your generated GIF and share it with the world.
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Make a GIF From Image or Text Intantly

Make a GIF From Image or Text Instantly

Whether you are a new graphic designer or just looking to enhance your visuals on social media, our AI GIF maker can transform your text or image into a captivating animated GIF in seconds. Let the Fotor AI tool deliver professional results with minimal effort for you. With Fotor's AI technology, every GIF-making process is faster and better.

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Download Your GIF With High quality MP4 File in a Click1

Download Your GIF With High-quality MP4 File in a Click

In Fotor, we guarantee an effortless and fast conversion of your GIFs into smooth, high-resolution MP4 videos. Download your graphic GIFs visuals to share on social media or in marketing ads as MP4 files with ease and in impeccable detail.

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Generate Stunning GI Fs Easily With Various Styles1

Generate Stunning GIFs Easily With Various Styles

Luck you! The Fotor AI GIF Generator not only can produce a quick GIF in a moment but also provides a different style of GIF to speed up the process, making an appealing GIF is never easier. Choose a style type like Photography, Cinematic, Digital Art, Neonpunk, and much more, and generate a funny, sophisticated, or cool GIF for any occasion.

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Why Choose the Fotor AI GIF Generator?

Fast GIF generator

Fast GIF Generator

Quickly generate GIFs to stay relevant and respond in real time to trends, events, or social interactions.

High Quality GI Fs

High-Quality GIFs

Create high-resolution, visually appealing GIFs with smooth animations in seconds.

Various GIF Styles

Various GIF Styles

We offer a variety of GIF styles, including Photography, Cinematic, Digital Art, Neonpunk, and much more.

What Can the Fotor AI GIF Generator Do for You?

Create a GIF for Social Media Interaction From Text or Image

Create a GIF for Social Media Interaction From Text or Image

As social media trends rapidly evolve, capturing your audience's attention with unique GIF visuals is essential. With our fast and efficient AI GIF generator, keeping up with trending topics has never been easier. Just toss in your image or text, wait a moment, and you’ll have a playful GIF ready to potentially go viral.

Turn Your Text Promts Into GIF for Marketing Events and Ads

Turn Your Text prompts Into GIF for Marketing Events and Ads

We know "an image is worth a thousand words," but a GIF can spark an entire conversation. GIFs enhance the storytelling aspect of your ads, making them more memorable and shareable. With our AI GIF maker, you don't need to hire a professional graphic designer; we can help you create professional and high-quality GIFs from your ideas and words in seconds, allowing you to update promotional materials instantly.

Turn Web P JPG and PNG Static Files Into Animated GI Fs

Turn WebP, JPG, and PNG Static Files Into Animated GIFs

Whether for social media, marketing campaigns, or interactive presentations, our tool lets you convert any WebP, JPG, or PNG file into smooth, eye-catching animations. Just upload your static files, and watch as they transform into captivating animations, it's easy, fast and free.

No Design Skills Required No Cost No Time Wasted

No Design Skills Required! No Cost! No Time Wasted!

New to creating graphic designs? No worries! Our user-friendly GIF maker allows anyone, even without design skills, to easily and quickly create GIFs. Make it a go to tool for everyone. At Fotor, all we care is to enhance your design process, making it faster and better. With our AI technology, you don't need a professional designer, we can produce any type GIFs that matches your brand identity.

GIF Examples Made by Fotor AI GIF Generator

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