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Embrace the future of animation: easy AI text-to-animation. Simplify your animation-making process, and turn your ideas into reality via an easier and quicker way - Fotor’s world-class AI animation generator.

Generate cute girl standing in the rose petal rain animation in fotors online ai animation generator from text
Generate cat animation using fotors AI animation generator

Advanced AI Algorithm Transforming Animation Creation

Powerful than ever, Fotor is revolutionizing the way that people make animation. Integrated with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and text-to-video models, our well-trained AI animation generator is finally available to bring everyone’s animation ideas into reality through a groundbreaking approach!

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Generate the animation of boy with cute cat ears smiling from text with AI in fotor

Transform Your Storytelling with Captivating Animation

What a better than telling your story using animation like those amazing Japanese animations? Everyone can be his or her own Hayao Miyazaki to share a wonderful adventure or fantasy by using our AI animation maker. Type your text prompts for desired animated scenes, and our text-to-animation AI tool will work and output the animation for you in minutes.

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Three ai generated animations of various styles in fotor text to animation tool

Various Animation Styles at Your Fingertips

To meet diverse animation-making demands, our AI animation generator offers an array of animation styles to choose from. From cinematic to digital art styles, you can easily get by choosing from our styles available in the tools. Plus, our AI animation creator allows you to create animations of different types, including characters, pets, landscapes, and more compelling scenes as needed.

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Top-Tier AI Animation Maker for Any Purpose

EducationSocial MediaPersonal Use
Generate animation for presentation purpose with fotors ai animation creator

Make Engaging Animation for Your Presentation

Enhance your presentation with engaging and inviting content with our AI-powered online animation maker. When explaining ideas or concepts, a dynamic animation is preferred to a still image to attract your audience. Our AI animation generator is a perfect tool to help you make impressive animations effortlessly, saving time and money.

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Generate animation for social media purpose with fotor ai

Impress Your Audience with Compelling Animation

Impress your audience and obtain more likes and subscriptions with eye-catching animation. Whether you are a blogger or a YouTuber, unique video content is the key to attracting fans. Our AI animation generator can enrich your content by visualizing your story with easy steps, even if you lack the knowledge and skills to use complex traditional animation software.

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Ai generated male animation from fotor ai animation maker

Visualize Your Ideas with AI Animation Creator

Our AI animation generator caters to every need, from professional to personal uses. For individuals, our tool is the perfect solution to make animations for storytelling, explaining, and most importantly, having fun! Write yourself a piece of an interesting adventure, and let our text-to-animation tool enliven it to share with your families and friends!

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Edit ai generated animation in fotor

One-Stop AI Video Editing & Making Platform

Besides AI animation generation, Fotor offers every tool you need to make stunning videos. Use our video editing toolsets to take your clip to the next level; utilize our AI video enhancer to make your video clear; try our AI video generator to create videos based on your imagination from text prompts.

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Generate female animation using fotors online AI text to animation generator

How to Generate Animation with AI?

  • Click the “Generate Animation Now” button to switch to our AI animation generator.
  • Type your text prompts for the wanted animation as detailed as possible.
  • Adjust the target number of frames and choose the wanted style, then click “Generate Frames”.
  • Kick your favorite frame, and click the “Generate a video” to get your animation in minutes.
  • Preview your AI-generated animation, and click “Edit Now” to add background music, and subtitles, or transition to customize it for perfection.
  • Once satisfied, click “Download” to export your AI animation, then use it anywhere you need.
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Transform Your Text to Animation with AI

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