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Our AI photo background blur maker lets you blur backgrounds of photos online in seconds. Instantly add depth and highlight the subject of your photos.

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Auto blur background of photo online with AI in seconds

1 Click to Auto Blur Background With AI

Want to blur the background of photos that you’ve already taken? Now you can create professional-grade background blur with just one click. Our advanced AI algorithms intelligently analyze the main subject of your photo, and apply a natural-looking blur effect to the background. The process is automatic and fast. Say goodbye to tedious manual editing or complex software - instantly enhance your photo's focus and depth of field online with AI.

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Adjust background blur intensity and focus easily using Fotor

Adjust Background Blur Intensity & Focus Point As You Like

Our photo background blur maker gives you full control over the final results. Adjust and change the focus point using the brush tool. After selecting a new subject, Fotor will automatically adjust the background blur so your desired subject appears sharp and focused. Furthermore, you can decrease or increase the background blur intensity to blur images as you want. With these customizable options at your fingertips, you can easily create perfect blurred backgrounds for your photos.

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Apply realistic DSLR background blur effect to photo using Fotor

Create Realistic DSLR Background Blur With Ease

Our AI image background blurrer can produce a lifelike DSLR background effect. Using advanced AI algorithms, Fotor accurately separates the main photo subjects from the background, and estimates depth to apply the blur intensity for a natural-looking, realistic depth of field effect. You don’t need expensive cameras and aperture lenses to create professional-looking photos. Give Fotor a try and take your photography to the next level.

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Various blurred background effects on Fotor photo background blur maker

Multiple Blurred Background Effects to Choose From

Fotor provides a diverse range of background blur effects. Radial blur, tilt-shift blur, bokeh blur, pixelated blur, motion blur, selective blur, and more. Whether you want to create a soft, dreamy mood, or a dramatic mosaic-like effect, we have the options to suit every aesthetic and mood. Access all these bg blur effects straight from your browser easily to add depth and dimension to your photos.

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Seamless photo background editing using Fotor

Photo Background Editing Made Effortless

Go beyond background blur. With our robust built-in photo editor, you can easily isolate the photo background from your subject and edit it independently, without affecting your main focus. This allows you to effortlessly remove and change photo backgrounds to blend your subject into new environments. Fotor makes the photo background blur and editing a breeze. Experience seamless background adjustments for your photos.

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Fotor app to blur background

Free Blur Background App for iPhone & Android

Fotor offers the app to blur background of photos, and it is free to download for both iOS and Android devices. Whether you're on the go or at home, you can effortlessly blur image backgrounds anytime, anywhere. Use it to create beautiful and professional-quality images that meet all your business and personal needs.

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Key Benefits

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Easy & Fast to Use

Achieve stunning background blur in seconds, without the hassle of manual editing.

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Auto Subject Detection

Powered by advanced AI technology, Fotor intelligently identifies the subjects in your photo for precise background blurring.

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Customizable Blur Options

Freely adjust the smart focus and blur intensity to create the perfect look for your photos.

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High-Quality Output

Download blurred background photos in HD that are perfect for editing, sharing, and printing.

Do More Than Blur Image Background With Fotor

Blur Background of Photo Online Free With AI

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