Free Face Swap Online

Online face swapper by Fotor provides you with realistic and funny face replacement effect. Get 100% real-look AI face for any purpose in minutes Now!

Change man face to woman face with fotor face swapper
Change smile woman face to another girl face

Get a Quick Free AI Face Swap in a Snap

Generate face-swap models for videos, photos and more to create funny swap face effect with Fotor face changer easily and fast. Just upload the images you want to replace face into Fotor, and you can get perfect refaced AI face photo in a couple of clicks.

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Change laugh emotion to woman face

Replace Face in Photo online For Exceptional Effect

Spoofing your friends with super realistic AI face swap images must be funny. Fotor face changer supports anyone to replace faces in photos online free.

Fotor also provides a face swap App to create face magic anytime and any where.

Swap Face Now
Swap woman face to another and play in video

Make Models with Face Swap for Video Display

Create a face-swap model for your video preparation and then create the video with desired AI face look. Fotor Helps to generate professional face swaps online and you can use it to make any face swap video with a natural face-swapping effect.

Try it now to get a funny simulated AI face model with Fotor's face changer.

Swap Face Now
Swap girl face to another with effect box

Optimize Refaced Photo Without Losing Quality

Got your refaced photos? Try to beautify photos for more professional and stunning effect! Fotor provides more built-in tools for your further editing. You can retouch photo, add filters to photo, and more as you need for your refaced images without losing quality.

Swap Face Now
Swap woman face to another in fotor

How to Swap Face Online?

  • Click “Swap Face Now” button to get started. Upload photo you want to change face and the background of image will automatically remove.
  • Click “Erase” to erase the other part of your image except face, and you’ll get the face image only.
  • Upload another image you want to put the face to, and put the face image you have just get to the new image. Adjust the position, angle and other basic editing, and you can get the perfect refaced image.
  • Preview and save the refaced photo by clicking “Download” button.
Swap Face Now