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Experience funny and hyper-realistic face swap with Fotor's online AI face swapper. Feel free to swap faces in photos effortlessly and have fun transforming into anyone you desire.

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Create Infinite Faces with AI Face Swap Technology

AI Face Swap has surged in popularity as a dynamic photo trend. Its advanced algorithms accurately detect and track facial features, allowing users to effortlessly create realistic face swaps. Fotor AI face swapper is one of the best free online tools for face swapping, you can use it to seamlessly swap face in any photo and enjoy endless fun while engaging with realistic face swap photos.

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Swap Face Online Swiftly and Flawlessly

Driven by AI technology, Fotor AI face swap online tool enables amazingly fast experience of replacing face in photo with anyone else. Just upload your photos, click swap face, and leave the rest to the AI face swapper, you will witness fast, flawless, precise, and natural face swaps like never before! It's just as simple as a few clicks - No manual adjustments or design skill needed.

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Instant Face Swap with Our Trending Preset Photos

Effortlessly swap faces in seconds with Fotor's AI Face Swapper and explore a myriad of preset options. Just upload your selfie, choose a preset, and watch as your face seamlessly merges into a new photo. Whether you're aiming for humor or a burst of creativity, our intuitive AI tool guarantees unparalleled realism and endless fun.

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Easy and Safe Face Swapping

When it comes to AI face swapping, it’s essential to prioritize safety and security. Fotor AI Face Swap is a reputable, free face swap product you can trust. There are no hidden costs involved, and our AI face swap tool prioritizes strict security measures to protect your privacy. Swap faces seamlessly in photos with just a few taps and rest assured about safety, security, and any potential negative impact.

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The face swap product is a mobile app that can be used on smartphones

Free App to Swap Face

Swap your face with our free mobile face swap app, compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Reface seamlessly on your mobile and experience a user-friendly experience wherever you are. Upload your original and target face images effortlessly from your smartphone with our mobile support.

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Explore More Creative Possibilities with Face Swapping

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Swap female face to try on different hairstyles

Explore Various Styles And Unleash Your Artistic Expression

Virtual Hairstyle Try-on with AI Face Changer: Use our online face swap tool to effortlessly explore hairstyle options. Find the perfect look for you, whether it's long, blonde hair or a trendy curly bob. Try them all virtually before making your final decision.

Swap Face to Transform Your Look for the Holidays: Easily reveal your holiday-themed costume photos with Fotor's free online face changer. Whether it's a Santa Claus costume for Christmas or a Harley Quinn outfit for Halloween, use our face swapper to find your perfect fit and have endless fun!

Swap female face with movie character using fotor face swap tool

Enhance the Creative Work of Content Creators, Filmmakers, sand Photographers

AI face swap technology is a game-changer, offering effortless creation of stunning visual effects. For filmmakers, it means seamlessly integrating actors into scenes for immersive storytelling. Photographers and digital artists can also expand creative boundaries, enhancing visual storytelling with AI face swap tool.

Swap female face with another famale with curly hair

Create 90s AI Yearbook Instantly via Face Swap

Join the AI yearbook trend on TikTok effortlessly with our photo face changer online free. Select from our range of AI yearbook templates, and seamlessly swap faces to create your personalized AI yearbook photo. Witness the ultra-realistic face change, and bring back memories of your glorious high school days with Fotor’s face swapper today!

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Share Your Swap Photo on Social Media to Boost Engagement

Enjoy a wealth of entertainment value with face swapping! You can swap faces with friends, family, or even celebrities, crafting humorous, shareable and creative face swap photos that delights social media followers across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Make your social media feed stand out and boost your online presence now.

Why Choose Fotor Face Swapper

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Easy to Use

Simply upload your high-quality photo and choose your preferred template. Our AI seamlessly swaps faces without the need for manual editing.

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Seamless Results

With the power of AI technology, our face swap tool delivers a seamless and natural reface effect

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Privacy Protection

Your privacy matters to us. We ensure the utmost protection for your uploaded images and data during the face swapping process, keeping everything strictly confidential.

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Fast Face Swapping

Swap faces seamlessly with our one-second online AI face swapper. No installation required. Create captivating face transformations effortlessly and in style.

What People Say

Mind-blowing face swap functionality! The interface is so intuitive, and the outcomes are unbelievably lifelike. 10/10 would recommend!

Emily Johnson

Instagram influencer

The face swap feature is simply outstanding! It's incredibly user-friendly, and the results are surprisingly authentic. I couldn't be more impressed. A must-try for everyone.

Jennifer Smith

Photography Enthusiast

I'm absolutely amazed by the face swap tool! It's unbelievably easy to use, and the results are beyond realistic. I can't recommend it enough!

Sarah Thompson


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