Use Gender Swap to Discover Another Version of You

See how you look as the opposite sex with Fotor’s gender swap filter. Our gender swap tool is ready to make a special gender exchange effect to add extra fun to your portraits and selfies!

Use fotor online gender swap tool to turn female into male look
Use fotor ai gender swap tool to transform male into female look online

Easy-to-Use AI Gender Swap Tool

Get amazing AI gender swap tool to magically turn you into the opposite sex within a few seconds. Just upload your images into online gender changer, and our gender swap filter online will automatically convert you into the opposite sex. Whether it’s gender change male to female or vice versa, our gender swap online tool handles beautifully!

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Transform male to female look and vice versa using fotor online ai gender swap tool

Gender Face Swap to Find Masculine or Feminine Version of You

Find answer to “what would I look like as the opposite gender”? Surprisingly, Fotor’s gender face swap tool is here to make it come true with it’s amazing gender swap filter! You can apply our male filter or female filter to your uploaded images, and you can see another you when the gender changes. Use our gender switch tool now!

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Free Gender Swap Filter Online for Social Media Trend

Easily catch the TikTok or Snapchat gender swap trend with our online gender swap tool online! Since the gender swap Snapchat filter has been a big hit on the Internet, it’s time to renew your social media image posts by sharing your gender swap photo to win over likes and fans! Upload your image today to witness the magic of a head swap transformation with AI and share your creative gender swapped photo to engage with your audience in an exciting new way!

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Gender Swap Filter for Prank and Fun with Friends

Let’s have fun with your friends use our gender swap filter, and amaze them how stunning you or they look like when the gender changes. Upload your portraits and apply our gender change filter to transform your gender into opposite one. Give our opposite gender filter a try and prank with your friends in no time!

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Use fotor gender swap tool to achieve celebrity gender swap online

Celebrity Gender Swap to Have Fun

You may have wondered what your favorite movie star or singer look like when their gender switch. And now our online gender swap tool can make it with ease. Whether you want a male to female transformation of your favorite celebrity or vice versa, our gender swap filter online makes it a piece of cake!

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Use fotor gender swap app to transform female into male look

Use the Gender Swap App on the Go

Now, our gender swap tool is available on mobile devices. Thus, you can use our AI gender swap tool everywhere once you have the Fotor app that changes gender on your mobile phones. Download our gender swap app free to see what you and your friends look like in the opposite sex.

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