Free Online AI Baby Generator: Predict What Your Baby Will Look Like

Discover your future baby's face in seconds with Fotor’s baby generator. Magically predict what your baby will look like based on the photos of you and your partner, crush, and even celebrity! Get hyper-realistic baby prediction pictures and share them online with our AI baby maker.

Use fotor baby generator to generate the future baby of the female and male
Man and female and their ai generated future baby portrait

Generate Realistic Baby Photo with AI Baby Face Generator

What will our baby look like? You may have wondered about this with your partners for a long time. Wonder no more, Fotor's baby generator is here to make it a reality! Just upload your and your partner’s photos to our baby face generator, and you can have your future baby picture instantly. And our inbuilt face combiner works to ensure the AI-generated baby that closely mirrors both your features. Start to use our baby maker now!

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Generate future baby of man and female celebrity

Have Fun with Our AI Baby Maker

Besides, baby generator from Fotor allows you to envision the offspring of you and your celebrity crush. You can easily have fun exploring baby prediction pictures of you and a celebrity in our baby maker. Upload pictures as required in our baby predictor to unlock the opportunity to generate future baby pictures of you and your favorite iconic stars.

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Use text to generate wanted ai generated baby

Turn Your Dream AI Baby into Reality

Powerful than ever, our baby generator can output baby images based on your descriptions. Just tell our baby maker about your expectations towards your future baby, including race, gender, and appearance, and you can have your AI baby pictures in a snap.

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Ai generated baby of the man and women using fotor baby geberator

How to Use Baby Generator?

  • Click the “Try Free Baby Generator” button to get started.
  • Upload images of mom and dad to AI baby maker. And wait a few seconds, our baby generator will output the baby prediction pictures that resemble your facial features.
  • Alternatively, you can enter the expectations of your dream baby in our AI baby generator, and you can get the AI baby image as expected in seconds.
  • Download and share your future baby pictures online.
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