7 Best Aging Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

Summary: This is a post that shares 7 aging apps that allows you to age yourself to see how you look when you are younger or older, including Fotor, Oldify, FaceApp, FaceLab, AgingBooth, and more.

Since the old filter, teenage filter, and baby filter have been going viral on Internet, thousands are sharing their photos of being younger and older on various platforms.

Have you ever wondered how you look like when you are at a younger or older age? Am I still elegant or handsome when at 70? Can I recall the begone days when seeing a younger me?

Wonder no more! Backed up artificial intelligence (AI) technology, you can easily discover a younger or older you on your iPhone or Android now!

In this blog, we will share 7 best aging apps to see your look in a fun way. Whether you want to see a baby you or the older you, you will be all covered here!

Let’s get started!

7 Best Aging Apps to See a Younger or Older You

1. Fotor: Your First Choice

Platform: iOS & Android

Fotor aging app

Enjoy AI age filter from Fotor app to magically transform you into baby, teenage, and old look.

Discover the how you look when you are older and younger in Fotor's best aging app.

Try Free AI Aging App

Fotor, a powerful and professional brand in graphic, released its own age progression app to allows everyone to see three periods of life: baby, teenage, and old. Backed up by advanced AI technology and algorithms, you can easily upload your own photos to its AI aging app, and get the pictures of yourself at the age you choose.

The whole process to age yourself takes a few seconds, and you will be presented with images of your appearance in different ages. More than that, you can have fun with Fotor’s best AI age progression app to age your friends or your favorite celebrity.

Here’s how to use Fotor app that ages you :

1. Download Fotor's age filter app and log in.

2. Find and tap “Create with AI” section in the screen.

homepage of fotor app

3. Tap any AI tool in the “Create with AI” part, and then you are in the image-to-image AI generator of Fotor app.

image to image ai generator page of fotor app

4. Tap “Add an image” on the screen to upload your images from your camera roll.

upload a femalr portrait to image to image ai generation tool of fotor app

5. Then, you can scroll the screen form right to left or tap “More” to find “Baby Filter”, “Be Young”, and “Be Old” style.

ai styles offered in fotor app

6. Apply any aging filter and adjust the “Number of Generated”.

choose be old ai style in fotor app

7. Then, tap “Generate”. Wait for a few seconds, and you can see a younger or older you.

old look of the uploaded female presented in fotor app

All in all, everyone can utilize the generative AI face ager from Fotor app to reveal the older or younger face. It is an app that allows you to have fun, and post the age photo on TikTok to win over likes and comments.

2. Oldify: Old Face App

Platform: iOS & Android

oldify app page

Oldify is one of the popular age apps where you can see your appearance in different ages by uploading a picture of yourself or your friend. You can easily see a younger you or older you in photos or videos, as Oldify offers two modes.

Oldify works as you choose the number of your age, including “+20”, “-40”, “+70”, and much more age options. Just pick up your desired age choice, and you will see you in the future or past in the screen.

Besides changing your age and your appearance, you can enjoy some stickers to add extra reality to the photos of you in the chosen age. Glasses, hats, wigs, and much more props are available to let you have fun! That makes Oldify amazing, as they can enhance the appearance and look realistically.

3. FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

Platform: iOS & Android

faceapp app homepage

As a professional face editor app, you can easily discover any face change by using its AI tools offered, so does your appearance change. FaceApp offers you both the young and old effect to see how you look when getting older or being younger.

This aging app works to see your age progression by uploading images of you, your friend, and even a celebrity. Within a few seconds, you can get the image of you in the chosen age. The results is hyper-realistic, as it works based on analyzing your facial features. Then, you can download your images of being young or old and share them on your Instagram or WhatsApp!

4. AgingBooth: App That Makes You Old

Platform: iOS & Android

agingbooth app homepage

If you want to have fun in seeing your appearance in the future, just try AgingBooth app to discover the older you. This free aging app allows you to upload a picture of portraits, just tap “Start”, and you can get the picture of older you in a few seconds.

You can swipe the screen to see the before and after effect of being old, and you can discover more effect available in this age progression app. AgingBooth works amazing as it not only works by adding or removing wrinkles. This face aging app will automatically reshape your face and change your hair color to make the results hyper-realistic.

This app works even you have no internet collection. After aging yourself to 70, share older you picture via iMessage, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more platforms!

5. FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging

Platform: iOS & Android

facelab app homepage

FaceLab app is where you can change age of uploaded portraits easily and quickly. It offers a special tool called “Age” in the app, and you can use it to discover you in the different ages, including young, old, and other periods of life.

These aging filters available in FaceLab’s aging app can quickly transform you or your friends into the old and young look. Discover you with gray hair and wrinkles or vice versa are super easy in this free aging app!

6. FaceTrix: AI Face Editor

Platform: Android

facetrix app homapage

Powered by AI, FaceTrix is a powerful aging app where you can use its age changer to discover you in different ages. From youth to old, you can easily transform you into the look of chosen age in Facetrix’s aging app within a few seconds.

You can easily oldify yourself of your friends via its Time Macgine tool, and you can add xtra fun prop “White Beard” to see the old face. Similarly, female can use the young filter to discover the younger self without wrinkles via its Time Machine of FaceTrix’s age progression app.

7. Snapchat

snapchat app homepage

Snapchat also allows you to see how you look when you are old and young with its Snapchat filters and lens called “Old Lens” and “Baby Lens”. Just open your Snapchat, and search for the two lenses, and see your magic transformation to older or younger appearance in the camera.

Plus, you can even get the “Old Cartoon Lens” to see the cartoon old face of yourself. Just apply these aging filters and post them, and even make it a Spotlight on your public profile page on your Snapchat!


Everyone may have wondered what will I look when I’m older. Now these aging apps allows you to see the magic transformation from a young to the older look or the vice versa. Our list of 7 best photo aging apps are the platforms where you can discover a younger or older you. Whether you want to see you in the future for fun or you in the begone days for precious memories, these age progression apps can make it come true easily and quickly! Hope you find this blog helpful!