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Experience the passage of time by making your aged photos with Fotor online old filter. Share the realistic and retro old face image with friends and family for surprise right now!

Turn man to old face with fotor old filter
Turn woman face into old face

Change Your Ages for Realistic Effect in One Click

Try the realistic old face effect for different ages with Fotor online old filter. With Fotor, Easy to age myself to see what will I look like when I’m older in just a couple of clicks.

Just upload your full-face photo and you can get realistic old-face effects at any age. Experience the magic of Fotor’s free old filter today and present the future look in minutes.

Age Yourself Now
Old face woman with age adjustment slider

Try Old Face Look at Any Age With Ease

Explore your appearance at any age effortlessly with Fotor's old face filter. Based on powerful AI technology, Fotor supports adjusting the age of your photos to create realistic visuals that showcase different stages of your life.

Our online filter provides an easy-to-use slider for you to change your ages into different old face effects easily and intuitively.

Age Yourself Now
Old woman face on iphone interface

Get Your Free Aging App

Try to change your face for fun at a party, outside, or anywhere and anytime with Fotor free aging app. Free to download and experience the magic old face effect whenever you want with our aging app. Embrace the nostalgia and curiosity of seeing yourself in the future on your iPhone now!

Age Yourself Now
Turn boy image into old face photo in fotor

How to Use Old Filter?

  • Click “Age Yourself Now” button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop full-face photo to old filter, and adjust the age slider you need, and old face will be generated automatically in seconds.
  • You can also add retro filter or stickers with Fotor built-in tools for better effects.
  • Preview and download your old face pictures by clicking “Download” button.
Age Yourself Now