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Fotor's photo effects can easily meet all your editing needs, inspired by different visual styles! All of our exclusive and amazing photo filters have been developed by talented designers here at Fotor. Turning your images into beautiful shots with online photo effects in one click, Fotor is your magic wand.

Online photo effects

How to Add Fotor's photo effects to Your Picture?

  • Click the button "Apply Photo Effects Now" and upload the photo you wish to edit with Fotor.
  • Select the "Effect" tool in the tools menu on the left, and apply the perfect photo effect to maximize its appeal.
  • Adjust the color and effect intensity for maximum results.
  • Save your work, choosing the format and size you wish.
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Why Do People Rely on Fotor's Photo Effects?

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Photo effects

Photo Filters for All Seasons

Through an advanced and often painstaking process, Fotor designs new photo effects, ranging from Light Saturation, Lomo, Tilt-Shift and Color Splash to provide you the most comprehensive editing experience. Mosaic and blur photo effect are used to highlight and contrast while Cool and Funky effects can spice up even the most mundane image. With some covering professional photography and others to have fun with, you can let your imagination run wild with Fotor's amazing effects.

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Photo filter App

Easy-to-Use Photo Filter App

Transform your pictures into awesome pieces of art on the go with Fotor’s photo filter app! It is available for both iOS and Android devices and comes pre-loaded with a library of exclusive photo filters and photo effects. The best part? They're even more photo editing features you can use to spice up your photos- add text and stickers, remove backgrounds, etc. Download it now.

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Explore Our Vast Library of Photo Effects

Black and white filter

Black and White Filter

Bring your photos to monochrome with our black and white filter. Single color makes people focus on your photo's content. Use Fotor's black and white filter to create a strong visual contrast and leave a deep impression on your viewer.

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Vintage photo filter

Vintage Photo Filter

Retro photo filter imitates the style of film cameras of the past. It has soft color and adds a retro feel to the picture. Use old photo filters to give modern buildings an old-fashioned look and add an old-fashioned feel to landscapes and portraits, making them look like they were taken years, decades ago.

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Painting filter

Painting Filter

With our painting filter, transform your photos into beautiful paintings in one click. Fotor has a wide variety of painting filters, including oil painting filters, watercolor photo filters, and Gouache filters. Spark your idea here!

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Aesthetic filter

Aesthetic Filter

Applying aesthetic filters to your pictures is a great way to take your Instagram to the next level. It allows you to create a style that is uniquely yours. Open Fotor, explore more aesthetic filters.

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Lens flare effect

Lens Flare Effect

Use our creative lens flare effects to add warm sunlight and halo to your images. It can illuminate your photo and amplify the beauty. Pictures with naturally sun-drenched are more attractive.

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