Lens Flare Effect

Take your photography to the next level with Fotor's unique and cool lens flare effects online, no professional photography skills are needed.

Infuse your pictures with stunning sun flares that exude a warm and one-of-a-kind visual appeal.

A portrait and an architectural photo with lens halo effect
Before and after comparison of a photo with a lens flare added using Fotors effect tool

Use Lens Flare Effect to Enhance Your Photography

Enhance your photography with our collection of creative lens flare effects, which can infuse your images with warm sunlight and a captivating halo. Whether you want to emphasize the gentle atmosphere of sunshine or add a vibrant feel to your photos, our versatile lens flare effects provide countless possibilities to effortlessly enhance beauty and take your creative potential in photography to the next level.

Add Lens Flare Effect
Add different lens flare effects in Fotor

Create a Lens Flare Effect to Your Photoshoot Like a Pro

With our easy-to-use lens flare effect tool, you can create stunning sun flares that infuse your images with a touch of magic and visual appeal like a pro. Simply upload your photo, and choose a flare effect your like. Illuminate your subjects with warm sunlight, enhance the atmosphere with a radiant flare effect, and watch as your photos come to life with a professional flair. Adding a lens flare overlay to your image has never been easier!

Add Lens Flare Effect
Before and after comparison of sunglasses and the beach with added lens flare effect

Realistic Sun Flare Effect

Experience the magic of our lens flare effect feature, which brings a touch of realism to your photos by creating a realistic lens flare overlay. With this effect, your images will come alive with stunning circle light, delicate hints of rainbow hues, and a range of other naturally occurring photo effects that seamlessly blend into your composition, creating a lifelike style for your photography.

Add Lens Flare Effect
Before and after images of adding lens flare to a portrait using Fotors streak flare effect

Funky Light Flare Effect

In addition to the circular lens flare effect, Fotor also offers a variety of funky light streak effects for you to choose from. These captivating light flares effortlessly add a nostalgic charm and evoke a sense of vintage exposure, breathing new life into your images.

Add Lens Flare Effect
Add a lens flare effect to photo in Fotor

How to Add a Lens Flare Effect to Photo?

  • Firsly, click the button "Add a Light Flare Effect" to get started.
  • Upload the image you want to edit.
  • Find "Effects" in the tool dashboard on the left, then select "Lens Flare", and choose one lens flare to apply to your image.
  • Adjust the lens flare size and intensity.
  • When you are satisfied, click the Download button in the upper right corner to save your lens flare photo in HD format. That's it!
Add Lens Flare Effect


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