Style Transfer Online

Make your own images stylish and artistic easily with the style transfer from Fotor.

Transform your image styles into artwork like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Free for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals to apply AI art styles to images in seconds!

Transfer the van gogh image style to the dog photography using fotor ai style transfer tool
Trasnfer the cartoon image style to the man holding a camera photography using fotor ai style transfer tool

Change Image Style in a Snap

As a well-trained stable diffusion style transfer, Fotor makes it possible to have stylistic images based on your own ones. Just upload your photos to our AI style transfer and choose a neural art style, and your images will have a brand-new look in seconds!

Change Image Style Now
Use fotor ai image style transfer tool to transfer the ai cartoon image style to a female portrait and set it as the instagram avatar

AI Style Transfer for Portraits

Fotor offers you instant access to transform your portraits into joyful ones in its AI neural style transfer. Here with our image styler, you can apply your favorite AI photo styles to bring a fantastic effect to the uploaded images. Fotor’s AI style transfer allows you to transfer anime image style to your protraits, which you can set as your avatars to show your personality!

Change Image Style Now
Use fotor ai style transfer to change landscpae image style to the oil pianting style

Landscape Style Transfer Tool

Bored of these normal landscape shots posted on your Instagram? Give Fotor’s style transfer a try to make your landscape aesthetically attractive! You can sketch your landscape or make it look like a watercolor masterpiece. With these stylistic images made in Fotor’s style transfer, you can win over likes and fans for your social media channels!

Change Image Style Now
Transfer the warm smear image style to the corgi image using fotor ai style transfer tool

Change Photo Style for Animals

Give your pet image a chance to be an artwork in the AI style transfer from Fotor. With our free artistic image styles, you can turn your pet images into AI art in seconds. You can save and download it to share online or print it out to use as wall art to decorate your home!

Change Image Style Now
Transfer the monet image style to a horse in the grassland photography in fotor ai style tranfer tool

How to Use AI Style Transfer in Fotor?

  • Click the “Change Image Style Now” button to switch to the style transfer.
  • Upload your images and choose an image style you like from the pre-set neural art styles on the left toolbar.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and Fotor’s style transfer AI will turn your uploaded images into artwork. You can also tune the photo style effect by adjusting the effect intensity to get the right look.
  • Download your artistic images until you’re satisfied.
Change Image Style Now


What is Style Transfer?

How Can I Apply Image Style Transfer to My Own Images?