Change Skin Color Online

Get your skin color changed to correct skin tone or for fun with Fotor online skin color change editor. Easy to change skin color or even skin tone in a couple of clicks.

Change skin color
Change a white girl skin color into brown

Get Your Skin Tone Changed with Ease

Experience the different skin colors or adjust the photo skin color problem with Fotor. Change skin color has never be a problem with skin color photo editor by Fotor. Just upload your photo and choose the color you want to change, then you can get the realistic effect skin tone changed image in seconds.

Change Skin Color
Darken white bikini girl skin

Correct Skin Tone of the Full Body

Correct skin color in photos to fix the whole-body skin problem made by lighting, angle, or any shadow with Fotor. Fotor will automatically recognize the portrait and skin, changing the whole-body skin instantly, bringing a balanced realistic skin in other color. Easy to solve skin tone problems in group or full body photos.

Change Skin Color
Retouch half face of a brown hair woman

Even Skin Tone with AI Retouch

Fotor also supports topically fixing your uneven skin tone, including discoloration on face, on the arm, and even blemishes. Fotor AI retouch tool automatically even skin tone in a realistic look, creating smooth and sleek skin in one click. Fotor is perfect for improving localized skin tone issues with powerful AI technology, try it now!

Change Skin Color
Change a white man skin color into brown with fotor

Change Your Skin Color for Fun

Explore diverse appearance by changing the color with Fotor change skin color editor. Try any skin color you want like light skin, dark skin, brown skin and more without any hassle. Discover more possibilities on your skin and share with friends for more joy with Fotor today!

Change Skin Color
Turn woman skin into lighter in fotor

How to Change Skin Color?

  • Click “Change Skin Color” button to get started. Upload or drag and drop your image to canvas.
  • Choose a color you want to change on the toolbar and adjust the hue, saturation and lightness to your desire skin tone.
  • You can also click AI retouch to fix your uneven skin tone in one click.
  • Preview and save your skin changed image by clicking “Download” button.
Change Skin Color