Create a Duotone Photo Online for Free

Create stunning duotone photos online with Fotor's duotone filter - free and effortless!

Turn your photos into unique visual duotone effects that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Add a duotone effect to a female photo with Fotor
Before and after adding a duotone effect to a girl photo

Easily Create a Duotone Photo

Fotor duotone generator allows you to easily create duotone images even if you don't have any Photoshop experience. This user-friendly tool allows you to dive right in and start creating a duotone image within minutes. Simply drag and drop your image, and with a few clicks, you can adjust the two colors to achieve the desired two-tone effect. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant look or a subtle style, Fotor's duotone image maker has got you covered.

Craft Duotone Photos for Free
Before and after adding a duotone filter to a man photo with Fotor

Make Your Photo Stand Out with the Duotone Effect

Make your duotone photos stand out with our easy-to-use duotone filter, no duotone photography skills are needed. Unleash your creativity and explore a new world of tonal combinations to express your unique personality and emotions like never before. With Fotor, taking your images to the next level is a breeze, transforming them into eye-catching duotone masterpieces that captivate and inspire.

Craft Duotone Photos for Free
Customize the color of duotone photo effect with Fotor

Customize Your Duotone Photo

Our duotone color effect offers a wide range of preset color combinations to get you started. The best part is that you have the ability to customize photo tones with precision. Use the intuitive color picker from the duotone color palette to select the perfect hues that complement your photos. Experiment with different tones to find the ideal combination that conveys the emotions and styles you like.

Craft Duotone Photos for Free
Create a duotone photo for music album cover design

Craft Impactful Designs with Duotone Photos

With our duotone filter and well-crafted design templates, you can effortlessly take your photo to a new level. Create impactful creative designs by adding text and icons to your photo, changing photo backgrounds, and more. Whether it's a cool music album cover, social media material, or magazine cover, creating captivating designs has never been easier!

Craft Duotone Photos for Free
Add a duotone photo effect to a woman portrait in Fotor

How to Create a Duotone Photo with Fotor?

  • Click the button "Craft Duotone Photos for Free" to get started.
  • Upload the image that you want to apply a duotone effect.
  • Choose "Color" tool in the left tool menu, and adjust the color and tone as desired.
  • When you're done, click "Download" in the top right to save and share your duotone image.
Craft Duotone Photos for Free

Duotone Photo FAQs

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