Posterize Image Online

Posterize image with Fotor’s posterization effect. Easy to reduce colors in images and convert them into eye-catching and photoshopped-like posters in seconds!

The before and after effect of a female image appling Fotors posterize effect

Apply Posterize Effect to Any Photo

A female with dark complexion and curly hair
Posterize a female with dark complexion and curly hair with Fotor posterize filter
A bunch of colorful flowers
Posterize a bunch of colorful flowers with fotors posterize filter
Sea landscape
Posterize sea landscape with Fotor posterize filter
A female with dark complexion and curly hair
A bunch of colorful flowers
Sea landscape

Want to make your own images as amazing as the celebrity posters on the wall? Fotor’s posterize filter makes it easy. Just apply it, any photo can be turned into a posterized image. Not only can you posterize yourself, but also you can posterize anything from portraits to landscapes!

Apply fotors poserize effect on a female in red shirt image

Easy to Posterize Images in Seconds

Now you don’t have to worry about how to posterize in Photoshop because you have Fotor here to help. Just upload the image you want to posterize and click the posterization effect, then you can have a posterized portrait or any other posterized picture in 1 click! And you can slide the bar from left to right the adjust the final effect of the posterized images.

Posterize Images Online
Add text to the posterized female image with Fotor posterize image editor

Have More Customizations to Posterized Art

More than that, you can use Fotor’s posterize photo editor to make your own posterized photos as vintage as the 90’s posters. Try Fotor’s old-school text fonts to perfect your posterized paintings, or you can use the free stripes and lines to decorate your posterized pictures. With Fotor, you can create your own digital posterized art easier than you expect!

Posterize Images Online
Use the posterize effect on a female in short white dress image in Fotor online photo editor

How to Posterize an Image?

  • Click the “Posterize Images Online” button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop the image you want to posterize online.
  • Find “Effects” on the left menu bar, and scroll down to click the posterized filter called “F2” effect in the “Filmatic”.
  • Apply it and adjust the posterization effect by sliding the Intensity bar from left to right.
  • Preview and download the posterized paintings in the format you want.
Posterize Images Online