Free Online Mugshot Maker

Get "Wanted" for fun! Turn photos into fake mugshots and create a meme mugshot for laughs, surprises, and social media buzz.

Turn a man portrait into a mugshot
Change the background of a male mugshot to light and dark gray

Mugshot Magic: Instant AI Background Erase

Our mugshot maker provides a seamless background removal tool, allowing you to flawlessly cut out the subject from the image. Simply upload your portrait, and AI will detect the background and remove it in seconds. After that, you can change the mugshot background with different colors selected from the palette.

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Make a mugshot of a woman in red shirt on fotor

How to Make a Fake Mugshot?

  • Click on the "Upload Image" button to access to our mugshot maker.
  • Use our mugshot templates, replace the image with your own and customize the text and layout to your liking.
  • Download your tailored fake mugshot in high-quality JPG or PNG format.
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Select a mugshot template and make mugshot of a woman on fotor

Easily Generate a Lifelike Mugshot With Preset Template

Ever wondered how you’d look as a wanted criminal without the actual trouble? Dive into the fun with our mugshot generator. Choose from our instinct templates, each offering unique layouts, fonts, and color schemes. Simply insert your photo to replace the default, and volià - your personalized mugshot is ready. Perfect for a humorous twist or creative projects.

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Change the text color and font of a mugshot template

Customize Your Mugshot: Fine-Tune Layouts & Caption Easily

Unlock full creative control with our jail photo generator, designed for easy customization to enhance the visual appeal of your mugshot. Every part of the mugshot template is adjustable-add your text, tweak colors and sizes, and refine layouts and alignments for a harmonious look.

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Post a mugshot of a woman on social media

Create Funny Mugshots for Epic Pranks

Shock and amuse your social media followers with our fake criminal generator. Craft a comical mugshot effortlessly and share the fun online. Spark laughter and playful pranks among friends and followers alike!

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Remove the photo background and make a mugshot of the man on fotor app

Fotor’s Mugshot Maker: Fun on iPhone & Android

Looking for a bit of mischief or just a way to crack up your friends? Check out mugshot meme app. It’s a blast for both iPhone and Android users. Whether it’s to spice up your social feeds, send a unique invitation, or just for a good laugh, this app’s got you covered. Easy to use and loads for fun, it’s your go-to for a quick photo prank.

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Why Choose Fotor’s Mugshot Maker?

High quality icon

High-Resolution Output

Our fake criminal generator delivers a high-quality, crisp mugshot-creating process, exporting images in HD quality.

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Different Mugshot Frames

Explore unique mugshot templates on Fotor, each offering instinct layouts, color schemes, and typography. Pick your preferred style and personalize it to your taste.

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Real-Time Preview

See the results in real time as you edit the mugshot, allowing you to redo the steps anytime.


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