Masking Photo Online

Masking photo is never a tricky issue with Fotor’s online masking tool. Free to create masking graphics to have the surreal work now!

Three masking photos from Fotor
Mask two photos together with Fotor masking photo tool

Create Masking Photography in a Snap

Image masking is easy to be achieved with Fotor’s online photo masking editor, and it takes just a few seconds to process your images. All you need is to upload your image, select the photo masking effects, adjust the masking layer placement and transparency, and save your masking design. No other photoshop skills are needed in Fotor’s photo masking software!

Masking Photo Now
Masking two images and two tools from Fotor

Masking Image Gets Your Artwork Creative

Want your photography or avatar to be the talk of the town online? Well, it might be a good idea to mask photos-blending your images together to create a new surrealistic piece of art. Fotor’s online masking tool allows you to create “Photoshop-like” masking pictures for free!

Masking Photo Now
A masked photo and three free masking photo layers from Fotor

Massive Stunning Overlays for Online Photo Masking

You can have many free image masking effect options in Fotor's online masking program. Besides the basic double exposure effect with gradient colors, Fotor also offers a variety of free overlays from city lights to landscapes, so you can unleash creativity when you mask images together. Start using Fotor to create amazing masking photography now!

Masking Photo Now
Add text to the masking photo in Fotor

Perfect Your Masking Graphics with More Customizations

Still, your can try more photo editing possibilities within Fotor after you have masked image. To make masking graphic design more eye-catching, you can try our coordinating stickers and photo effects to polish your work. Clipping mask word art is a nice idea if you want to make your images stand out from the rest.

Masking Photo Now
Masking photos in Fotor app

Experience the Portable Photo Masking App

Whenever a great image-masking idea strikes you, you can turn it into reality with Fotor's photo-masking app on your portable device. Just install Fotor’s free photo editing app with a masking tool, and you are free to mask photos anywhere and anytime you want.

Masking Photo Now
Mask photos in Fotor online masking photo editor

How to Mask Photos?

  • Click on the “Masking Photo Now” button to get started.
  • Find the double exposure effect in the menu bar. Upload or drag and drop the images that you want to add a photo masking effect to.
  • Pick up any image masking layer you prefer in the right pre-set dashboard, or you can upload your own images as the masking material.
  • Manage the layer’s size, placement, and intensity to optimize your work.
  • Preview and download your masking design.
Masking Photo Now

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