Symmetrical Photography Editing – Mirror Effect

Maximizing your photo editing can mean the difference between failure and success, particularly if you’re a professional. In this brief tutorial, we will teach you how to replicate a common photographic technique – symmetrical photography.

This technique is best utilized for professional, stages shots, such as weddings, portraits, and displays. The result is typically better if the original image is simple, with a clear foreground.

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Edit Photo Now

To begin, simply open Fotor, choose EDIT and then IMPORT the photo you wish to use.


Once this is done, use the image flipper tool to flip the image.


After the image is flipped, you can either SAVE the image or simply use the SNAPSHOT function to store it within the platform window (right-hand side)


Now that both of your photos (the original and the flipped) are loaded into the platform, select the COLLAGE, choosing a side-by-side, 2 picture template. And import both photos to each COLLAGE space.

With both photos loaded into the collage template and positioned in a symmetrical fashion, all you need to do now is to remove the border between the images. To do this, simply slide the BORDER WIDTH to 0, creating a contiguous image.


To further enhance your mirrored image, select from a range of great PHOTO EFFECTS for the perfect finish.

Here are some other amazing shots depicting photographic mirroring:
photo-1455036159243-88022c420fdb photo-1455036575902-8b64fea359f5 photo-1455289049607-bb2ed5549c2c photo-1455295299322-3aba0ba23ea3 photo-1456242951842-39924e7a7876 photo-1457685373807-8c4d8be4c560

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