Add Thermal Filter to Your Photos Online

Fotor's online thermal art creator converts images to thermal images instantly. Create a high-tech sense for your photos!

Make a niche but cool thermal energy image with Fotor now!

Turn a cool girl wearing a black hat image to thermal image
Add thermal filter to a girl wearing two white flowers

Create Thermal Energy Image with Heatmap Maker in Seconds

The principle behind thermal images taken by thermal cameras is to capture temperature. This thermal effect can also be achieved using an online heat map creator. Fotor's heatmap generator makes it possible to convert images into thermal images in seconds. Just one click to add an infrared filter. There are no professional requirements. Moreover, Fotor has a thermal filter app version. You can add infrared filters to your photos anytime and anywhere!

Add Thermal Filter Now
Four thermal filter adding to a bird in fotor

Various Thermal Effects for Your Pictures

Fotor provides you with a wide range of infrared filters. Whether you want artistic, bright, or cool ones, Fotor filter library has them all! If offers you similar or even better thermal filter photoshop has! Just choose the one you like best. What’s more, the intensity of the thermal filters is also adjustable. Just swipe the intensity bar left or right to achieve it. Come to Fotor and pick the perfect thermal filter for your image!

Add Thermal Filter Now
Bird and girl thermal image with social media icons

The Application of High-tech Images of Thermal Energy

For data analysis, thermal pictures can be used in medicine and chemistry. Night reconnaissance and combat will also use IR imaging. In daily life, creating thermal image can enhance the "temperature" and color of the image. Especially suits for winter! Bring a warm atmosphere. Creating thermal energy pictures to post on your Instagram, Facebook, etc. Thrust them into the spotlight! You might become a trendsetter! Start a thermal art boom. Invite your friends and family to participate! Enjoy a happy time in the creation of high-tech thermal images.

Add Thermal Filter Now

How to Make Thermal Energy Pictures

  • Click "Add Thermal Filter Now" to turn to the effects editing,
  • Upload the image you want to edit.
  • Find the filter Pop Art 2 under Trendy on the left menu’s Effects. Then, click it.
  • You can adjust the intensity of the filter as needed, don't forget to click the apply button when you are satisfied.
  • Finally, download your thermal art picture or share it with your family and friends.
Add Thermal Filter Now