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Make your own barbie poster and meme easily with Fotor's free online Barbie selfie generator
Use AI Barbie filter to turn selfie into Barbie with Fotor's Barbie selfie generator

Turn Photo to Barbie Character With AI Barbie Filter

Wondering what you’d look like in the Barbie land? With our AI Barbie filter, you can turn your selfie into a Barbie or Ken that looks just like you in just seconds. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology and deep learning algorithm, our Barbie selfie generator automatically analyzes your facial features and creates a Barbie version of you. Upload a photo to try it out and share your custom Barbie on social media to have fun with friends and family!

Make Your Own Barbie
Make your own Barbie movie poster using Fotor's Barbie selfie generator

Free Barbie Poster Templates to Edit Online

Fotor’s free online Barbie generator makes it easy to create your own Barbie movie poster. Just pick a Barbie movie poster template you like, upload a photo of yourself, change the “This Barbie is” tagline text, and you’re ready to roll. There are also plenty of customization options to make your Barbie movie poster to perfection. With simple clicks, you can change background color, rearrange layouts, add stickers, and more. With Fotor, creating a Barbie poster is just a breeze.

Make a Barbie Poster
Add Barbie makeup to selfie using Fotor's Barbie selfie generator

Add Barbie Makeup to Your Selfie

Take your Barbie transformation to the next level with the Barbie-inspired makeover! Our Barbie selfie generator offers a powerful virtual makeup kit to let you add Barbie makeup that perfectly matches your style. You can easily change hair colors, apply sparkling eyeshadows, experiment with different lipstick shapes, add a touch of rosy blush to your cheeks, and more to achieve the perfect Barbie makeup look. Get ready to shine and bring your Barbie dreams to life!

Make Your Own Barbie
Fotor Barbie selfie generator interface

How to Make a Barbie Movie Poster?

  • It’s fast and easy to make your own Barbie movie poster with Fotor's Barbie generator. Firstly, click the “Make Your Own Barbie” button and upload a photo to Fotor.
  • Then click on the “AI Background Remover” tool to remove the photo background automatically and instantly.
  • Customize the Barbie movie poster template to your liking. Add your own Barbie movie tagline, create your own Barbie with AI Barbie filter, adjust text colors and fonts, add stickers and more.
  • When you’re finishing designing your Barbie movie poster, click the “Download ” button to export it to your device. Or click the "Share" button to share it to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more with your friends and followers. It’s that easy!
Make Your Own Barbie

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Make Your Own Barbie