AI Face Filter

Turn your selfies and photos into AI masterpieces with Fotor online AI face filters.

Transform your face into an anime character, Disney character, Barbie, and much more AI styles in seconds.

Convert a girl portrait to different styles of AI avatars with Fotor AI face filter

Multiple AI Face Filter Styles to Choose From

Convert a female selfie to an AI anime character with Fotor AI face filter

AI Anime Face Filter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see yourself as an anime character? Now, with our cutting-edge AI face filter, you can transform your photo into an anime version of yourself, whether it be inspired by Japanese anime or American comics, all conveniently done online. Experience the magic of becoming a unique anime character in just a few simple clicks.

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Convert a female portrait to Barbie style with Fotor AI Barbie filter

AI Barbie Filter

Step into the enchanting realm of Barbie land using our Barbie filter! Effortlessly transform into Barbie or Ken by uploading your photo, all in a matter of seconds. Capture the perfect AI Barbie selfie to boost your social media presence and attract more viewers and likes to your profiles.

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Turn a female portrait to Disney style with Fotor AI Disney face filter

AI Disney Face Filter

Using our convenient online Disney filter, you can effortlessly turn your photos into adorable and enchanting Disney-style creations. Whether it's a selfie or a picture of your pet, Fotor can work its magic, transforming them into delightful cartoon Disney characters in mere seconds, bringing your vision to life!

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Convert a female selfie to an AI generated prefessional headshot

AI Headshot Filter

Aside from converting your face into a virtual cartoon character, Fotor also facilitates the creation of a genuine, high-quality business AI headshot from your regular life photo or selfie. With the aid of powerful AI face filter, Fotor automatically detects your facial features and swiftly generates a professional portrait suitable for business purposes, all without the need to visit a photography studio or dress in formal attire.

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Turn a young lady photo to old face with Fotor AI face filter

AI Old Filter

Experience the intriguing process of aging in real-time with our AI old filter, allowing you to witness how you'll look as you grow older right online. Share humorous photos of your aged face on social media, delighting in lighthearted moments with friends and followers.

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Convert a young lady photo to a baby face photo with Fotor AI face filter

AI Baby Filter

No need to download any apps to join the popular "baby face" trend that has taken over TikTok and Snapchat. Give our AI baby filter a go and watch as your photo magically transforms into an adorable baby version, rekindling memories of your childhood with the incredible power of AI.

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Transform a woman portrait to an anime character with AI face filter

How to Use AI Face Filter?

  • It is super easy to apply an AI face filter. Click the button "Apply AI Face Filter" to get started.
  • Next, choose "From Image" on the left dashboard, and upload your image to our AI image generator.
  • Choose an AI face filter you like, and select the number of images you need to generate, click the "Generate" button.
  • Wait a few seconds and witness Fotor transform your ordinary photo into a stunning AI image. Finally, download and share your AI face to social media to get more likes!
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