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AI Anime Character Creator

Free to make an anime character with Fotor’s AI anime character creator in seconds. Enjoy the pleasure of being unique, inspired, and unlimited by creating your own anime character from text or images.

Three anime characters generated by Fotor AI anime character creator
Generate AI anime girls by text to image in Fotor AI image generator

AI Character Generator from Text

Powered by the advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, Fotor’s anime character maker online allows you to have the best outcome when you are making a character. No matter what kind of anime characters you want, you can make it under control by typing your descriptions correctly in our AI image generator, which makes our AI drawing tool work better. Start to explore Fotor’s best anime character creator to make an anime character for free!

Make Anime Character
Two AI generated anime girls in Fotor AI image generator

Have Endless Options Using Random Anime Character Generator

As the name suggests, Fotor's random anime character generator outputs random anime character results. Even with the same description, Fotor lets you enjoy a variety of choices, which ensures that you have the initiative to choose and avoids the embarrassment of having the same anime characters.

You don't have to worry about the uncontrollability of the result when you are making your own anime character, because Fotor's anime character drawing generator is based on your description to create a character you want.

Make Anime Character
Two 3 D AI anime girls

Make Your Character Vivid with 3D Anime Character Creator

Now that 3D technology is also making waves in the graphics industry, Fotor's anime character online also offers 3D anime to catch the trend. Our 3D anime generator allows you to custom anime characters that are as real as if it was made with a special 3D character creator online tool.

With no other skills needed, you can make a 3D anime character as easily as the professionals in Fotor’s anime character creator online even if you are a beginner.

Make Anime Character
Turn a female selfie to AI anime character in Fotor AI image generator

Having Fun in Online Anime Yourself Generator from Photos

Have you ever wondered what you would look like in the world of anime? Fotor's character creator for free allows you to make yourself an anime character in seconds. You can anime yourself with a detailed description of your appearance to make a character. Alternatively, you can choose an anime character generator from photo to get your anime character and identity.

Make Anime Character
Generate AI anime girl in Fotor and set as Instagram avatar

Anime Avatar Maker for Your Social Media Channels

If you are looking for unique or creative anime avatars on the web, then you have come to the right place. Fotor's anime avatar maker has made it possible to solve your problem of having a unique anime avatar. Based on the idea of converting text into images, each person who enters text into our avatar anime creator will get absolutely different results.

Here with Fotor, you can get the awesome "only-you-have" experience, so what are you waiting for? Now it's time to create an anime avatar and use it for your social media platforms.

Make Anime Character
Three AI anime girl charaters generated by Fotor AI image generator

Make Anime Character with a Full Body

Besides avatar anime, Fotor’s anime character creator also allows you to make anime characters with full bodies. You can decide its gender, its outfits, its hairstyle, and more in your descriptions when you are making a character in Fotor’s anime generator. Click the button and begin your anime character design journey now!

Make Anime Character
Generate AI anime girl in Fotor AI image generator

How to Make Your Own Anime Character?

  • Click the “Make Anime Character” button to get started.
  • Type your descriptions of the anime character you want in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” once you have finished your descriptions. Remember to describe as detailed as you can to get the best outcome.
  • Select the “Anime” style and adjust the parameters, including ratios, details, light effects, and more in the left toolbox.
  • Click the download icon to save your own anime character and share it online.
Make Anime Character

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