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Turn female selfie into anime characters in fotor anime character maker online free

Turn Photo to Anime Characters

Have you ever wondered what you would look like in the world of anime? Amazingly, our AI anime character creator allows you to turn you to anime person in mere seconds! Just upload your selfies or portraits to your anime character maker, and our AI tool will seamlessly turn your photo to anime avatar magically. Alternatively, you drag and drop the anime character images to generate and derive new ones in Fotor. Now embrace the artistry of anime character creation in no time!

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Three female anime characters made in fotor random anime character creator

AI Anime Character Generator

Here with Fotor’s AI random anime character creator, you can fully immerse yourself into the unique and distinct anime characters! Our anime character randomizer, where you input your anime character prompts, allows you to enjoy the unexpectedly creative anime character generation. You can say goodbye the concerns of having the same anime characters in Fotor's AI character generator!

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Two female 3d anime characters created in fotor 3d anime character creator online

3D Anime Character Creator Online

3D style is making waves in the graphics industry, and our online anime character generator also offers 3D anime to catch the trend. Our 3D anime character creator allows you to make your own characters that are breathtakingly vivid. With no other skills needed, you can make a 3D character as easily as the professionals in Fotor’s online anime character maker, even if you are a beginner.

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Three AI anime girl charaters generated by Fotor AI image generator

Full Body Anime Character Creator

Besides avatar anime, Fotor’s free anime character creator also allows you to make anime characters with full bodies. You can decide its gender, its outfits, its hairstyle, and more in your descriptions when you are making a character in Fotor’s AI anime generator. Click the button and begin your anime character design journey now!

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Why Choose Fotor’s AI Anime Character Maker?

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Fast Anime Character Creation

Free to make your own anime characters quickly and easily

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High-Quality Anime Character Designs

Download high-quality AI-generated anime character design.

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Bulk Anime Character Generation

Create your own anime characters in batches instantly.

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Customizable Anime Character Creation

Customize your own anime characters with ease.

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Make Anime Characters on the Go

Generate anime characters anywhere and anytime.

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Data Security Insurance

Protect your data while making anime characters.

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How to Make Anime Character with AI?

  • Click the “Create Anime Character” button to get started.
  • Choose the “From Image” mode on the left dashboard, and upload your own images.
  • Pick the anime style tailored to your preference, wait a few seconds, and you can see the AI-generated anime characters and avatars.
  • Alternatively, you can choose the “From Text” mode to generate the anime characters based on your input anime character expectations.
  • Download the anime character design images in the image format you want.
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