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Various anime images made by Fotor anime AI generator

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Generate ai anime images from text using Fotor anime ai generator

Text to Anime: Generate Anime Art From Text

You don't need to have any drawing skills to create anime images. Just type a few words to describe the anime art you'd like to create and click "Generate". Our powerful anime AI generator will automatically transform your words into beautiful anime art. Try it now and bring your anime fantasies to life! The only limitation is your imagination.

Make AI Anime Art
Transform photos into ai anime using Fotor anime AI art generator

Photo to Anime AI: Turn Any Photo into Anime Images

Have you ever wondered how you'd look as an anime character? Our anime AI generator makes it happen. Simply upload your selfie and Fotor will automatically analyze it and turn you into an anime character. Furthermore, with the advanced image-to-image anime model, you can upload pictures of your pets, architectural wonders, or landscapes to get them transformed into anime style.

Turn Photo to Anime
Convert a simple pencil anime drawing to a vivid detailed AI anime image

Anime Drawing Enhancement: Bring Your Anime Drawings to Life

Turn simple pencil drawings and sketches into refined anime images. Just upload your drawing and watch as our powerful anime AI art generator renders it into vivid, highly detailed anime art. Once you get an AI anime image that suits your preference, you can use it as a base and generate countless image variations. Novice or expert, it doesn't matter. Fotor takes your creative game to the next level!

Make AI Anime Art
Customize AI generated anime image made on Fotor effortlessly

Infinite Customization: Edit Your Anime Art to Perfection

Fotor gives you the freedom to tailor every detail of your AI anime creations. You can adjust everything to make your own anime character, such as hairstyles, facial expressions, clothing, poses, backgrounds, and beyond. Just brush over the parts you want to change, describe what you want to see, and our anime AI generator will render your desired changes. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your anime creations to your vision.

Make AI Anime Art

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Make AI Anime Art

Discover the Potential of Our AI Anime Generator

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Upscale Anime

Effortlessly enhance image quality and upscale your AI generated anime images to 2x or 4x.

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Simple Customization

Easily adjust and fine-tune every detail of your AI-generated anime images to match your unique vision.

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Batch Anime Generation

Generate multiple AI anime artworks simultaneously, saving you time and streamlining your creative process.

Make an anime girl character with Fotor's anime AI art generator

How to Make AI Anime Art?

  • With Fotor’s anime AI art generator, you can easily create unique and personalized AI generated anime art and drawings. First, type text prompts to describe the anime picture you want to create.
  • Then click the “Generate” button, and Fotor will start generating AI anime immediately. You can also upload a picture to let AI draw an anime based on it.
  • There is a vast selection of different anime art styles to choose from. Moreover, you can adjust and edit the AI generated anime art to your needs with various customization options. Change composition, play around with light effects, add elements, and more.
  • Once you are happy with your anime picture, click the "Download" button to instantly save it to your computer. That’s it!
Make AI Anime Art

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