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With Fotor's free online anime AI generator, you can easily transform your words and photos into stunning, high-quality AI anime art in seconds.

Try it now to unleash your inner artist and create your own anime AI art!

Make anime art and pictures in seconds with Fotor's free anime AI art generator
Make AI generated anime art and pictures from text prompts on Fotor's anime AI art generator

Generate Anime AI Art From Text

You don't need to have any drawing skills to create anime. Fotor’s anime AI generator empowers anyone with the ability to create professional-looking anime art. Just type a few words to describe the anime image you'd like to create, and watch AI work turn your ideas into reality. In seconds, you'll get a unique and stunning anime image that perfectly matches your ideas. Try Fotor out for yourself and see how easy it is to create amazing AI anime art from text!

Make AI Anime Art
Convert a photo to anime drawing in one click using Fotor's free anime AI art generator

Turn Photo to Anime in a Snap

Have you ever wanted what you would look like in anime? Use Fotor's anime AI generator to transform your photos into stunning anime! All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself, and our advanced AI technology will analyze your facial features and apply AI anime filter to turn you into an anime character in no time. Enjoy a fast and fun way to anime yourself and create your own anime characters with Fotor!

Try AI Anime Filter
Customize the color of an AI generated anime girls hair and eyes

Make Your Own AI Anime Characters

Fotor gives you full customization ability to create and refine AI-generated anime characters in any way you want. You can freely adjust everything from hairstyles to facial expressions, clothing, poses, and more to create a truly unique and personalized anime character. Additionally, our anime AI art generator is intuitive and easy to use. Anyone can create amazing anime characters like a pro with Fotor.

Make AI Anime Art
A variety of anime art styles to choose from

A Variety of Anime AI Art Styles to Choose From

With Fotor's anime AI art generator, you can effortlessly create anime art in various styles. Whether you prefer realistic anime art style, chibi art style, comic style, 90s anime style, or Ghibli art style, Fotor has got you covered. Moreover, Fotor constantly adds new anime AI models and anime filters, giving you endless possibilities to explore. Experience the magic of AI anime art creation with Fotor today!

Make AI Anime Art
Make an anime girl character with Fotor's anime AI art generator

How to Make AI Anime Art?

  • With Fotor’s anime AI art generator, you can easily create unique and personalized AI generated anime art and drawings. First, type text prompts to describe the anime picture you want to create.
  • Then click the “Generate” button, and Fotor will start generating AI anime immediately. You can also upload a picture to let AI draw an anime based on it.
  • There is a vast selection of different anime art styles to choose from. Moreover, you can adjust and edit the AI generated anime art to your needs with various customization options. Change composition, play around with light effects, add elements, and more.
  • Once you are happy with your anime picture, click the "Download" button to instantly save it to your computer. That’s it!
Make AI Anime Art

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