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Create cute chibi art, characters, and avatars from text, or transform images into chibi styles.
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Create chibi characters and chibi art online in seconds with Fotor's chibi maker
Make anime chibi girl characters with Fotors free online chibi maker

Create Chibi Characters From Text With AI

Making chibi characters has never been easier. Just type a description of the chibi character you want, and watch our chibi maker bring your ideas to life. Within seconds, you'll get a unique and stunning chibi character picture that perfectly matches your ideas. You can also customize the chibi character further with different hairstyles, expressions, poses, outfits, and color options to make your chibi character to perfection. Experience the magic of AI anime creation with Fotor today!

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Turn photo to chibi drawing using Fotor's chibi maker

Turn Photos Into Adorable Chibi Styles In 1 Click

With our free online chibi maker, you can transform any image into chibi art style in no time. Utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and deep learning algorithm, our chibi maker will analyze your image and automatically chibify it while preserving the essence of the original image. Try it out to create chibi versions of yourself, your friends, your favorite celebrities, or even your beloved pets. Upload a picture to see the magic for yourself.

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Kawaii chibi girl avatar made by Fotor's chibi maker

Create a Personalized Chibi Avatar Hassle-Free

No more wasting time searching for the ideal chibi avatar - now you have the power to create one yourself. With our free online chibi maker, you can easily design your own adorable Chibi avatars that truly reflect your style and personality. Be it a kawaii chibi girl avatar, chibi animal avatar, or chibi couple avatar, the possibilities are endless with Fotor. Once you've created your dream chibi avatar, you can download it in high quality to use on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, VRchat, forums, and more. Get ready to stand out from the crowd with your own unique chibi avatar!

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A package of custom chibi emotes for Twitch made by Fotor's chibi maker

Make Custom Chibi Emotes for Twitch

Add a touch of cuteness to your messaging by designing your own chibi emotes! With our chibi maker, you can easily create adorable chibi characters that express a wide range of emotions, reactions, and expressions. From the excitement of victory to surprise, hype, rage, lol, and more, these chibi emotes are a great way to inject some fun and creativity into your Twitch chats and streams. Start designing your very own chibi emotes today and take communication to the next level.

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Fotor's chibi maker interface

How to Create Chibi Characters?

  • You can easily and quickly create chibi characters with Fotor’s free online chibi maker. Firstly, type text prompts to describe the chibi character you want to create.
  • Then click the “Generate” button, and Fotor will start generating chibi characters based on your input immediately. Alternatively, you can upload a photo to let AI draw a chibi character based on it.
  • You can customize the chibi character to make it matches your vision. Change chibi poses, expressions, hairstyles, dresses, and more.
  • Once you are satisfied with your newly created chibi character, click the "Download" button to instantly save it to your device. That’s it!
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