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Integrate two or more exposure-bracketed photos to get professional HDR merge effect with Fotor AI photo editor. Try the fast and easy merge solution in seconds based on AI.

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Combine Exposure-Bracketed Photos

Put 2 or 3 bracketed photos with exposure problems into the online AI photo editor to correct the effect of the picture. You can get a picture with a wider range of lighting and colors than with a standard digital camera. HDR technology can greatly restore picture details lost by shooting mistakes and combine several photos with slightly moving subjects to get a perfectly clear HDR merge result.

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Try Ghost Reduction for HDR Merge Photo

Continuous shooting in a bracketing sequence makes it possible to produce ghosting images. In this case, you can use HDR to merge images during editing and increase the dynamic range of images with Fotor ghosting reduction technology.

Our AI photo editor automatically identifies image pixels with the power of AI vision to blend and fix tiny moving objects to create the perfect HDR merge.

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Fitting Photography with HDR Merge Effects

HDR merge is a fully automated AI-based image combination process that allows you to quickly get professional-looking HDR images. Simply upload a list of bracketed photos (2-3) in the same size, and then you can get the HDR merge result in a snap.

Not only that, Fotor offers HDR merge with different effects for different styles of photography. Whether it's objects in motion, architecture, or landscape images, you can find a suitable HDR effect in our AI photo editor. Experience the combination of AI and personalized HDR merge effects in Fotor.

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More Options for HDR Merged Photos

Fotor AI photo editor offers a high degree of freedom in customizing your images. HDR merging is automatically generated based on AI technology, but it also provides more options for other HDR merging effect needs.

Adjust the intensity of HDR to control the strength of effects, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to suit your higher-level HDR image requirements. Come to Fotor to explore the possibilities of HDR merging technology for your images!

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How to Merge Photo with HDR Based On AI?

  • Click “Try HDR Merge Now” button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop 2 or 3 exposure bracketed photos in same size of the same scene.
  • Choosing the suitable style of HDR effects as you prefer.
  • Adjusting the intensity and other settings to maximize the result. Tick “Ghost Reduction” to correct any inconsistencies.
  • Save your HDR merged photo by clicking export on the top and choose the file type you like.
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