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Turn Photo Into Watercolor Instantly

Easy to convert photo to watercolor painting for free with Fotor's watercolor effect to bring an eye-attracting look to your photo in seconds!

convert four photos into watercolor paintings
Convert a church into a watercolor painting

Convert Photo Into Watercolor Art for Free

Watercolor drawings are one of the oldest art forms. Still, it's popular around the whole world. It's easy for you to change photo to watercolor art painting within seconds in Fotor's photo painting converter. Just upload your images, click on the watercolor effect, and then water color pictures come into being. Start to enter the watercolor art world with Fotor's AI art generator now!

Watercolor Images Now
Turn a female image to a watercolor portrait

Easy to Get a Watercolor Portarit

Hard to attract new followers on your social media platforms? Why not start with a new fashionable avatar? Catch your viewers' attention with cool and trendy watercolor portrait pictures.

A watercolor portrait avatar makes you stand out. It shows your unique attitudes and personality. Try to get a watercolor portrait by watercoloring your pictures with Fotor's free watercolor filter!

Watercolor Images Now
add two different watercolor effects to a landscape image

Multiple Watercolor Effects to Choose From

Everyone has an eye for beauty. Here with Fotor, it's free and easy for you to get a watercolor effect that you like. Fotor provides various watercolor filters for you to choose from. So different watercolour painting styles are at your fingertips with Fotor's free watercolor effects. Have a try in Fotor to get watercolor images for free!

Watercolor Images Now

How to Turn Photo Into Watercolor?

  • Click on the "Watercolor Images Now" button to get started. Upload or drag and drop the photo to turn into watercolor pictures in Fotor editor.
  • Find the AI Art in the left toolbar. Choose GoArt-NFT Creator, then find the watercolor effects and click any of them to apply the effect. Adjust the Intensity as needed.
  • Customize your watercolor png to perfection with Fotor's other editing tools.
  • Download your watercolor paintings (PNG and JPG format supported).
Watercolor Images Now

Fotor Turns Pictures Into Watercolor Drawings in Seconds

Watercolor Images Now